Monday, June 21, 2010

Dinner @ Las Vacas, Petaling Jaya

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I had been craving for good steak after my friend told me that there is one in town with a very reasonable price. The place is called Las Vacas, located in the housing areas of SS5 Petaling Jaya. It's a rather odd location for such a place, but eitherway it was not too hard to find. Las Vacas is really a butchery, but they also cook the meats they cut as well.
Simple and comfy interior

You get to pick your cuts before you sit down and wait for your meal. I choose Grass-fed striploin while my friend orderd Grain-fed striploin. We had it medium rare (the juiciest point of the meat without feeling too raw). They went for about RM10+ per 100gram. We had close to about 500g for each steak(yum!). Also noted was Kobe beef, which was about RM35 per 100gram(talk about pampered cows, lol).

Grass-fed Striploin
Grain-fed Striploin

It didnt take too long before our food arrived. It's a no frills as it gets, you get accompanying salad plus a garlic bread. The meat was really juicy and tender. It tasted great with minimal seasoning (I am drooling at my own pictures whilst typing this out x_x).
 Overall, if you are looking for fairly-priced steaks, this is the place for it. Nice food, good ambience to chill out; though drinks are on the high side if I must say.

Las Vacas(www)
No.23, Jalan SS5A/11,
Kelana Jaya 47301,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
Tel: 03-78740881/03-78740711

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