Monday, December 14, 2009

Lunch at A Little Dim Sum Place, SS2 Petaling Jaya

Initially I wanted to go for some Char Siew @ Seremban Favorites after some shopping with a friend; however when we arrived there, it was all sold out. I headed over to Atria, Damansara Jaya area to go to a particular japanese restaurant(watch for the newer post later on) but it was closed as it was already the end of lunch hour (we reached there about 3pm). Disappointed, I thought to myself, there's only SS2 left to go for food nearby. I thought of going to KTZ, but my friend wanted some dim sum. We stumbled upon a cafe not far from KTZ, called A Little Dim Sum Place.

The menu does not contain an extensive list of dim sum like your regular ones; however, it does contain the more popular dishes that people usually order such as Har Gao(prawn dumpling), Chee Cheong Fun, Wu Kok, Siew Mai, fishballs and etc. Besides that they also have some rice/noodle dish should the dim sum not satiate your appetite. They also serve desserts like glutinous rice ball, shaved ice with fruits and pancakes.

We ordered a handful of dishes which were fried rice, chee cheong fun, wu kok(fried yam with stuffing), siew mai, mango glutinous rice ball in ginger soup and durian pancake.

When the fried rice arrived at our table, the aroma for really nice; however the taste was rather disappointing as it was fairly normal/plain. The chee cheong fun was also alright, except the noodle was quite thick (I've been spoiled by a hong kong styled chee cheong fun stall that serves up paper thin rice noodle), the char siew filling inside was alright(though my friend asked, is this really char siew?). I particularlly like the Wu Kok, as it was not too oily and I loved the yam. The siew mai follows the newer trend, where prawn bits are mixed with the minced pork. I prefer my siew mai just with the minced pork; but it was okay.

The mango rice ball was a bit of a surprise(literally); not because of the taste, but because it actually exploded when both of us tried to eat it. Inside each of these rice balls contained some mango puree; and when we took a bite, they spilled out; in a very funny manner(depending on how you took your first bite). The durian pancake was great. We probably enjoyed this one the most. Durian flesh wrapped in a thin layer of pancake and it was just nice.

Overall, not bad but it could improve in the taste department. When we were there they were also having promotion where dim sum prices were marked down from their original prices. Definitely worth a go.

A Little Dim Sum Place
No.12 Jalan SS2/63,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-78731876


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