Friday, February 27, 2009

Lunch at Bellygood, Sunway Mentari, Petaling Jaya

Actually, this place came out on the Star newspaper the other day, and I couldn't resist on trying this place as it was close to my home. Formerly known as Wendy's Bistro, it is located at Sunway Mentari (just opposite Yuen Steamboat). I tried going there at night for dinner upon reading the review on paper, but it seems that it may have attracted way too many people so I had to come back another day, which I did.

Bellygood has a nice environment, although the shop itself is quite cramped. The kitchen is visible to diners so you could take a peek on how they cook stuff there. I ordered a mixed platter which consisted of pork ribs and pork belly while my mom had grilled pork ribs. They have regular and large size portions to suit your needs, which I think is a plus. We had Iced Lemon Tea to go with our meal.

Exposed kitchen: you can see how they cook here.
The environment.
Iced Lemon Tea
Mixed Platter
Grilled Pork Ribs

I had a strange impression on my dish. "Why is the rib so meaty?". Turns out to be that the pork rib they serve here is actually closer to top part of the rib which contained more meat. This particular part is normally used as soup stock. But grilling it seems to work as well. Although not as juicy and tender and the lower part of the rib(the one I had at Meaty House was good), it was still soft and the sauce complemented the meat quite well. The pork belly was soft and tender, almost as if it was melting in your mouth. Talk about sinful food, this is surely one of it *drools*.
Overall it was pretty satisfying, with the exception of the ribs which may or may not suit your taste.

BellyGood (website) - Non halal.
No. 20, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Sunway Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03 5630 1699

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unhappy guest said...

It was an unpleasant dining experience for me and my friend @ Belly Good. The serving was small and the owner who took our order wasn't a nice guy either.
Basically, we booked several tables for 30 person and on that morning before the dinner, he called and said he wanted to cancel the reservation because of some stupid excuses related to his own profit (something about lots of students coming in and sharing food instead of ordering one meal per pax resulting in lower business profit).
If you are unwilling to do our business, then do not accept the reservation and cancel it last minute. Such an unethical businessman.
On that night itself, I don't get why the owner seemed so stressed about trying to rush the food out. Why can't he wait till everyone is seated before taking orders. In the end, we had to be rude to other guests who arrived later by eating first as the food was there and no point waiting until the food is cold. The serving is very small (3 sticks of ribs instead of a row) and the baby back rib that I've ordered, doesn't seems to be a baby ribs at all. At RM29.90 (yes, they increased the price without updating their website), it is definitely not worth it. I could have gotten a 2 course meal at TGI Fridays for that price.
Another observation of mine was the kitchen. Located in the dining area, the kitchen was an unpleasant sight. The frying pan is abused to the max. I suspect it used to be a non-stick pan, but the coating on the middle is entirely gone, only the side still appear coated. So what have they been serving their customers? Teflon coated pasta? Ewwww....they can't even invest in a proper aluminium or cast iron cookware that will last longer.
All I want to say is, avoid that place at all cost. There are many other places for pork lovers. There were more unhappy events that occurred that night, but I do not wish to mention it anymore but it has something to do with mistake during ordering and lost of temper.