Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lunch @ Logenhaus, Taipan USJ 10

My friend and I were supposed to have lunch at Meaty House, but it was closed as we went on a rest day, so we decided to go somewhere else. Being curious i pointed out to Logenhaus because it was probably the only shop left on the row where I haven't tried.

Inside Logenhaus is a nice and cozy place, dim lighted and had a feel like a tavern. We sat down and then looked at the menu. At first my friends were reluctant to give this place a try as their lunch menu seemed off for the place( serving curry noodles and unagi in a westerh restaurant); but since they were already in, might as well give it a try.

Baked Escargots in cheese

Sizzling German Chicken Meatloaf

Unagi with rice

Roasted Chicken

Chicken Chop

While the presentation of food here is good, the taste was not so. The escargots lacked sweetness and was rather bland, my German Meatloaf was alright but there was nothing special about it. Same goes to the chicken chop. As for the Roasted Chicken, my friend complained that it might not be very fresh either due to the meat not being firm.

Price wise was okay(starts at about RM10), as all the dishes above(except escargot) are a set lunch, which means you get a soup of the day and coffee/tea.

Logenhaus Restaurant Roast & Grill
50 Jalan Usj 10/1B,
Subang Jaya 47620,
phone: 603-56350733
fax: 603-56350733


Akiko said...

esssscagots! cheese! i dont know what to say. i want the cheese though.

i also know i WANT unagi with rice! the chicken chop look like a hueg portion!

Jasmine-Kimberly said...

Deciding to go there actually, but based on the review i think it's not that nice... the food.

Better save up to go somewhere else.