Saturday, January 24, 2009

...Imitation WHAT!?

Here we have, a bottle of honey. Looks like honey, probably smells like one, but it's not honey. It's imitation honey! I'm not sure why do you need imitation honey for. I mean it's not like its any cheaper than real honey either. Your local hypermarket sells 400g of honey for RM10.90. The imitation honey costs RM11.90 and is only 340g! That's like outrageous.


Now lets move on to the ingredients. Maltitol syrup, natural and artificial flavor, acesulfame k, malic acid. Okay, that's alot of chemicals. A quick google search gave me some intriguing results however.


Maltitol is a sugar alcohol, an ingredient commonly used in low carb or “sugar-free” products such as candy and nutrition bars. It is used so much because of its similarity to sugar in terms of taste, mouthfeel, and interaction with other ingredients.
Uhh okay, so it's artificial sugar. But that's not the main problem here.

Maltitol can Cause Intestinal Discomfort

Usually this takes the form of intestinal gas and cramping, but some people may find themselves with diarrhea. If you decide to eat products with maltitol, you’d be wise to start with a small amount and judge the reaction -- as well whether you’ll be in a crowded room a few hours later.
Okay, double-u-tee-eff? So this is a message for you guys out there, if you're constipated or would like to induce some bowel motions, get this product. To the rest, I suppose we'll just stay away from it.

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