Saturday, January 24, 2009

...Imitation WHAT!?

Here we have, a bottle of honey. Looks like honey, probably smells like one, but it's not honey. It's imitation honey! I'm not sure why do you need imitation honey for. I mean it's not like its any cheaper than real honey either. Your local hypermarket sells 400g of honey for RM10.90. The imitation honey costs RM11.90 and is only 340g! That's like outrageous.


Now lets move on to the ingredients. Maltitol syrup, natural and artificial flavor, acesulfame k, malic acid. Okay, that's alot of chemicals. A quick google search gave me some intriguing results however.


Maltitol is a sugar alcohol, an ingredient commonly used in low carb or “sugar-free” products such as candy and nutrition bars. It is used so much because of its similarity to sugar in terms of taste, mouthfeel, and interaction with other ingredients.
Uhh okay, so it's artificial sugar. But that's not the main problem here.

Maltitol can Cause Intestinal Discomfort

Usually this takes the form of intestinal gas and cramping, but some people may find themselves with diarrhea. If you decide to eat products with maltitol, you’d be wise to start with a small amount and judge the reaction -- as well whether you’ll be in a crowded room a few hours later.
Okay, double-u-tee-eff? So this is a message for you guys out there, if you're constipated or would like to induce some bowel motions, get this product. To the rest, I suppose we'll just stay away from it.

Lunch at Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Mont Kiara

I've finally secured a chance to eat at Tenji thanks to Akiko for helping me to book a place. As you all know, Tenji is probably one of the hottest restaurants being discussed thanks to the promotions they've been having. Tenji is located in SohoKL, Mont Kiara. They're currently having a promotion for lunch which is RM49.90++(12-4pm, no time limit) and dinner which is a RM50 voucher for every two pax.

Akiko and I were abit late to reach Tenji thanks to traffic madness on a friday. We reached about 1pm and Tenji was already overloaded with people. There were many companies having staff luncheon as a celebration before closing for Chinese New Years holidays. We sat at our table and then I noticed that they used clips to order (similar to Jogoya) some dishes. We began taking our food and here are some pictures.

the surroundings : very very packed lunch

pan-seared salmon : good

sashimi: excellent

variety of sushi,salmon bone and ayu fish : good

Teppanyaki lamb shoulder : succulent :D

Oyster: o-o-overkill! ( look at the size)

Prawn tempura, soft shell crab, pumpkin mochi

Fish and Chips(without chips)

Fetuccini Carbonara : SINFUL!

Steamed white promfet: usual chinese

Blueberry tea: well scented with sour-ish taste

Assorted Mochi: some good, some not so good

Assorted cakes

Tiramisu: bitter~

Aftermath of lunch

Ice-cream from Haagen Dazs: extremely popular that words fail me

So, was it good? Oh yes it was indeed. Most of the food I tasted were good. Sashimi was fresh, the oysters was HUGE(and the chef had to peel open the oyster on the spot due to overwhelming demand), the carbonara was very sinful(very very thick and creamy). Though I must say, it may seem that they might be overdoing the promotion. Supply seem limited at some counters, as they dont seem to restock the same item after it's finished(like sushi and dim sum). I didn't have a chance to taste the dim sum.

Overall, for those looking into a new place to eat, this is the place to be.

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Operated by Palm Crest Restaurant Sdn. Bhd (765661-P)
Lot L-01-01, Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara,
No.2 Jalan Solaris, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-62036896 Fax: 03-62036982
Email :
For Reservations : 1700 80 1818

Location Map : here

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lunch at Zen, Sunway Pyramid

My friends called me out me for lunch after my class and we headed to Sunway Pyramid as they want to do some shopping for Chinese New Year. Since Ooity wanted japanese, we headed to Zen in Sunway Pyramid.

Zen is a small, but comfy and has a nice ambience. Situated just above Kim Gary's, it's also beside Sushi Zanmai and Shojikiya on the same floor. We sat down and proceeded ordering. Obligatory peektures up next.

Yakiniku Set: Grilled Beef with soy sauce.

Sushi Set: Good variety of sushi

Beef Hot Pot : Good value

Strawberry + Ice cream : ice cream slapped inside the strawberry and frozen.

Food was great here. The yakiniku set was flavourful but albeit salty for me. The sushi set on the other hand pretty much showed really skillful cuts on the fish, they were cut with the grain so they are really smooth. As for the hotpot, the soup was a little salty but otherwise okay. The strawberry dessert didnt quite impress though. The set prices here are a little high for lunch, but is well justified(I went broke eating here >_<).

Zen Japanese Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid

Lot No. : OB2.F.U2
Open Daily : 12noon - 11pm
Contact No. : 603-74924922
Fax No. : 603-80248020

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lunch at Big Mama's, Mont Kiara

It's a rare occasion that I travel down to Mont Kiara, but I was there for something....FOOD! Akiko and I went on for a food hunt at the Tenji Japanese Buffet restaurant promotion (RM29.90++ per pax for 1hour of lunch; extremely worth it). Located at SohoKL, Jalan Solaris, Mont Kiara, we decided to try the place only to find it FULLY BOOKED till the end of the promotion(15th January 2009). Bumped into a few friends as well( hi Caroline, Q-Pei, Kuan Hoe if you read my blog xD).

So instead, we went outside as the whole Jalan Solaris area is completely filled with food stores, we decided to try one. Upon a recommendation by Miyuki, we went looking for korean food. We ended up at Big Mama's restaurant(but it wasn't the one she recommended,oh well). Anyway, peekture time.

Side dishes; you can take as much as you want.

Potato Curry Stew; red and burning hot like lava.

Pork Chop; tad a small serving.

Ramen served with....rice?

Their lunch sets start at around RM10. As per any korean restaurant, they come with assorted side dishes(appetizer) and you may take as much as you want to(ranging from kimchi to pumpkin and salad). The potato stew was apparently good(so good that Akiko downed the whole bowl), while my pork chop was below average (small serving, bland taste). Probably should have ordered something more korean instead.

Big Mama Korean Restaurant
No. 7 Jalan Solaris 3,
Solaris Mont’ Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-62037108

Business hour : 12pm - 9pm

Lunch @ Logenhaus, Taipan USJ 10

My friend and I were supposed to have lunch at Meaty House, but it was closed as we went on a rest day, so we decided to go somewhere else. Being curious i pointed out to Logenhaus because it was probably the only shop left on the row where I haven't tried.

Inside Logenhaus is a nice and cozy place, dim lighted and had a feel like a tavern. We sat down and then looked at the menu. At first my friends were reluctant to give this place a try as their lunch menu seemed off for the place( serving curry noodles and unagi in a westerh restaurant); but since they were already in, might as well give it a try.

Baked Escargots in cheese

Sizzling German Chicken Meatloaf

Unagi with rice

Roasted Chicken

Chicken Chop

While the presentation of food here is good, the taste was not so. The escargots lacked sweetness and was rather bland, my German Meatloaf was alright but there was nothing special about it. Same goes to the chicken chop. As for the Roasted Chicken, my friend complained that it might not be very fresh either due to the meat not being firm.

Price wise was okay(starts at about RM10), as all the dishes above(except escargot) are a set lunch, which means you get a soup of the day and coffee/tea.

Logenhaus Restaurant Roast & Grill
50 Jalan Usj 10/1B,
Subang Jaya 47620,
phone: 603-56350733
fax: 603-56350733

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Years

... it is now 2009 and I would like to extend my wishes to all my readers and friends and relatives out there. Happy new year!

(*Chinese new year is coming soon too!*)