Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dinner at TGI Friday's, Subang Jaya

My parents wanted to eat something else than our usual chinese dinner, so we went to TGI Friday's instead to have dinner. Located in Subang Parade (with huge front door facing the main road, you wont miss it). this place seems quite packed everytime I come here. We had to wait at the door for 10minutes or so due to the lack of tables. Fortunately we didn't need wait too long and got in shortly.

My dad loved the combo set, where you get to pick an appetizer, main course and dessert for only rm39.90. So we went for Mac n Cheese, Fish n Chips and Chocolate mudpie. We ordered an extra appetizer combo as well.

Mac N Cheese

Fish n Chips

Combi Appetizer: Potato Skin, Mozarella Cheese Sticks and Buffalo Wings.

After dinner smoothie: Blueberry Lemonade

For sweettooths only: Chocolate Mudcake

One set of dishes from TGI was enough to keep the 3 of us overly full. Overall food taste was not too bad and I loved the smoothie. TGI Friday's seem to focus a lot on their beef steaks, and my parents don't eat beef, so I couldn't order any of their specials. Lamb meat seems to be almost non-existant in the menu as well. But all is well, it kept us full through the night xD

T.G.I Friday's Subang Jaya
G03-07, Ground Floor, Subang Parade
5, Jalan SS 16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor,
tel: 03 - 5634 2956


Akiko said...

yumyum!! i wanna taste the blueberry lemonade and mac n cheese and combo appetizer~~~ yummmmy~

TH said...

I went there and just 3 adult and my son eat cost nearly $200