Friday, October 10, 2008

What I cooked last week.

Some imagination and creative and perhaps impromptu cooking?

My mom asked me to prepare salmon at the last minute, and I couldn't think of any. She wants it baked so i lurked the interbutts and found some recipes.

I couldn't understand any of them.


Well, I went to the kitchen and dumped random herbs on it, and wah la, my baked salmon ~_~

Whats cooking? : baking salmon in foil.

Outcome : Baked salmon with lemon, garlic, spices(no thats not cheese ontop, I dont know what it is.)

It tasted fine, but not enough seasoning. And I didn't cook the rest of the food on the table.

1 comment:

Akiko said...

baked salmon! boy, dont the baked spices look like cheese.

you begin to make cooking look like so easy. @_@ and it probably is, now that you revealed how you dumped all the stuff on the fish.

i hope you managed to read up enough recipes to slice along (but NOT cut-through) the middle of the salmon slice.