Saturday, October 25, 2008

KC cooks - Rosemary Chicken

Been pretty busy lately, but here is another of my food preparing/cooking post. Started off with my mom de-boning the chicken, she asked me if there'd be any recipes that I know off(not that I not many actually ;s). I bought a bottle of Rosemary a week ago, so I thought 'why not use it'. Fresh leaves are still the best, but I don't know where they sell it(can someone tell me?).

Seasoned meat : sugar,salt,pepper,rosemary leaves.

I put the chicken in the mixing bowl, started adding rosemary, salt, sugar and some black pepper. Massaged the chicken meat for a bit, and then dumped it into a cling bag and left it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Fast forward towards dinner out. It was time to cook, I told my mom that we should grill it, but somehow or another it turned out to be like stir fry instead. Taste wise it wasn't too bad, but the chemistry isn't there; it was probably due the 'Hiong Choy(chinese fragrant leaves)' she added which kinda overlapped with the rosemary. Result : not quite as planned.

Not quite as planned: Stir fried rosemary chicken.

Fast forward another weekend, this time I told my mom to deep fry the chicken instead. I prepared the chicken the same way, except this time without Rosemary and alot of black pepper as seasoning. Dipped in flour, all the meat went into the hot oil. Mom bought sour plum sauce, so she made it as sauce to go with the meat.

Nugget-like : Deep-fried black pepper chicken.

So how was it this time? I would say, I loved it. alot.

Finger-lickin good : My supper, finished the remaining bits and the sauce :D

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