Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home Alone: KC cooks Fettucini Carbonara

Mom went out for wedding dinner, Dad coming home late again. So no food at home, again. I resorted to cooking by myself again(the only chance I will ever have to use the kitchen). After random discussions on the interbutt on what to eat, Mel gave me an idea to cook pasta. I then decided, "lets do it carbonara style".

I dugg up the net and found that there are so many types of cooking carbonara. I eventually settled for this version; the 'REAL ITALIAN CARBONARA' as it seem to use the least amount of ingredients. Mind you, I am a beginner at cooking too ._.

10minutes: Boiling the fettucini.

Ingredients: Diced Char Siew, olive oil, eggs, Parmesan, black pepper.

Frying: Olive oil base, fry the char siew and add black pepper to taste.

Outcome: KC's strange carbonara version.

I used char siew(grilled pork) as my grandma had bought surplus of it and I didnt have bacon/pancetta at home. I pretty much followed through-out the video, until I poured in the egg mixture. I went "OH-SHI" because it started to become scrambled egg. I'm not sure if its supposed to do that, but judging from the video it didn't seem like it. Overall taste came out pretty much okay however. Recipe can be found towards the end of the video above.

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