Monday, September 29, 2008

Food Snippets (iii) - Ichigo Daifuku

What is this? : Ichigo Daifuku aka Strawberry rice cake
What's it made of? : Strawberry, red bean paste, glutinous rice flour.
How much? : RM3.50/pc.
Where can I eat it? : Jusco Midvalley.
Comments : Delicious snack/dessert. It is similar to the ones sold in the market(where they put in peanut fillings) except this one being much BIGGER and different filling. A nice big piece of strawberry sits inside the paste and the flour. Worth trying :D

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Anonymous said...

hi. may i know where did u get it at jusco midvalley? which section? near the sushi section there? or those small stores just opposite the pharmacy? i wanted to get 1 too. thanks. ;)