Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Food Snippets (ii) - Lam Mee

This week's feature : Lame Lam Mee.

What is this? : Lam Mee
What's it made of? : Yee Mee/Lam Mee noodles, seafood/fish paste and hot gravy poured on top.
How much? : RM4.00
Where can I eat it? : Rock Cafe aka Medan, Sunway.
Comments : Simple dish that took 30minutes to arrive(due to popular business). This version of Lam Mee is a little bit different than the rest. Normally, they'd be using yellow noodles, but this one they're using the fried type. Healthy servings of fish paste or seafood. Haven't had Lam Mee over 10years, not sure what to compare with xD

p/s: I keep typing LAME mee for some reason. ~_~

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