Sunday, September 21, 2008

Food Snippets (i) - Roti Goreng

As promised, I will be doing this food snippets session once or twice a week until I visit another food store/chain/shop/stall etc :D

What is this? : Roti Goreng
What's it made of? : Think 'Roti Canai', cut/shredded into small strips and then fried with chicken/vege ala 'Mee Goreng' style.
How much? : RM4.00
Where can I eat it? : One2Eat aka Orange, Sunway.
Comments : This mamak stall actually came from inside Sunway College, but they decided to move out. A friend introduced this Roti Goreng. Very interesting combo and tastes delicious. You may opt for yellow noodles or maggi as well if you dont want roti.

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