Thursday, August 21, 2008

Skipped a raid and went for a talk...

... and I got was this silly 3d glasses.

Wednesday was supposed to be a day off for me(no classes on Wednesday and Friday), but on Tuesday my coordinator informed me that there was going to be a talk about Image Processing on the following day. Attendance was "COMPULSORY".

Well, the talk introduced us about Lancaster Universities and their facilities(very very huge campus on top of a hill). And then the speakers went to talk about the Image Processing. Not something new to me or my friends really. The session ended exactly in 1 hour.

They gave us the glasses like above and showed us from 3d images, but we couldn't really see due to the poor projection from the lcd projector(it had horizontal shadows all over it and the image was too dim). All I saw were mismatched blue and red lines +_+

You can visit Lancaster's InfoLab21 here : link

*rant: Because of the talk above I missed one GOL raiding session*

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