Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gathering/Dinner @ Chili's 1Utama

This gathering was initially for my ex-schoolmates to meet up again. But due to circumstances, the gathering almost became an 4/5 Alpha gathering instead. The host, Heng Kai had posted this event on Facebook. At least 100 RSVPs were sent out, and only 10 said they could come. In that 10 people(including me), only 8 managed to come.

Not as planned. Definitely.

Booking of the place was left to Kim Hong, however on that day he couldn't book a place, so we had to wait outside for abit. For some reason Chili's was really really popular. With the clock reaching 8.00pm, they finally had a table for us. We initially intended to wait for Heng Kai(he flew 10000km from London and immediately rushed to join us for dinner) to arrive first before we ordered, but everyone was hungry so we started ahead.

My meal : Lamb Shoulder. Kinda salty and little burned.

Kian Fai's dish : Fish with herb and rice.

Ji Yang's dish: Grilled Lamb Steak.

Khim May's dish : Burger and fries.

To be shared: Classic Nachos platter.

Ben/Jia Wei/Kim Hong's dish(es): Spaghetti.

Ben/Jia Wei/Kim Hong's dish(es): Fish n Chips, Chicken Fingers and spaghetti.

Pose time: Kian Fai and Khim May.

See what see: Kim Hong stare-cock at the cameraman who is trying to take peektures.

Pose with FOOD: Jia Wei and Kim Hong gunning down the fish n chips.

Pose with moar food : Benjamin and Roger.

The host: Heng Kai who came in just in time.

Group Photo: Post dinner peekture.

Leon came by to say hi, but he didn't join us for dinner =\. Heng Kai finally arrived at almost 9pm.

Overall, the food over here was okay. Servings were quite large and so was the price. Drinks are definitely expensive, but they're refillable, which is okay although there seems to be a lack of waiter/waitress coming by so getting a refill takes time =_=. With a table of 10 people, our bill came to about RM340. Not too bad imo.

Post-dinner, we planned to go to Heng Kai's house. We bought a poker deck with chips and proceeded to his house. Jia Wei had a curfew, so Kim Hong sent her home before coming over and Roger went home early because he was sleepy. We stayed at Heng Kai's house till about 2.30AM after some poker game and jeering/cheering at the olympic games.

Chili's One Utama
One Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Phone Number: 03 7725 7277

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