Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dinner at Peppercorn Cafe, Subang Jaya

*Firstly, you gotta forgive me for the poor pictures as the lighting was poor and i used a cameraphone with flash turned off. Tried to brighten up the pictures with irfanview and ended up with super pixelated pictures. >_>

Subang SS15, where food,drinks, and lepaking is a norm. There are many eateries in the area as there are 3 main colleges in the area. Because of that, most f&b stores here are thriving(like Asia Cafe). Last Saturday, I went with my mom to Peppercorn Cafe because I told her it was a good place for western dining.

Peppercorn Cafe is a small shop located near the ss15 market. Peppercorn Cafe does not have a very large variety on its menu, however they are really scrumptious :D. Lets start with what I had on that day.

I had ordered a Grilled Dory with cream sauce and my mom order Rosemary Lamb. Both our meals came in a set of appetizer,soup, garlic toast, tea and desert.

Appetizer: Mushroom Chicken with Cheese Pancake.

Soup of the Day: Corn with Croutons.

Main Course: Grilled Dory with Cream sauce.(Rosemary lamb not pictured as my mom already started on it xD)

Complementary: Garlic Bread.

Dessert: Pudding and Crysantheneum tea(not pictured).

The food tasted good(although bland in some items like the soup). The lamb was tender and juicy. The fish was well complemented with the cream sauce. Overall, it was a good meal we had and the cost wasn't too bad either. Our meals costed RM26 and RM29 each, bringing it to a modest RM55. For a full course meal, I'd say this is quite worth while.

p/s: Wikimapia location here.

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