Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lunch at Dave's Pizza Pasta Vino, 1 Utama

I went to 1 Utama with my college friends on friday to catch a movie. It was called 'Babylon A.D'. While I won't spoil you on the movie, I would say the movie was very disappointing towards the end. Anyway, after the show we went food hunting.

I remembered the last time Kim Hong told me that we should probably have gone to Dave's Pizza Pasta Vino(not to be confused with Dave's Deli, although they are from the same company) if there were no place to eat in Chili's. But before we went there, I had to withdraw some cash because I just used most of it to replace my lighting isolators. We went searching for a CIMB ATM high and low as CIMB had problems on that day and I couldn't draw money from other ATM. Finally we found one and it was at a corner. To my surprise everyone was queueing up to CIMB ATM and the rest of it were empty. Coincidentally everyone lining up were wearing red too =_= (including me, CIMB bank is also red in color).

My friends initially decided against Dave's but we went back there anyway because I couldn't eat certain stuffs. Upon entering, there was a smell of strong smoked bacon in the air. Dave's serves pork so it is non-halal. We sat down at the corner and proceeded ordering.

Ambiance: Restaurant/bistro-ish feel, very cozy.

Thats not the menu, but let's look at it anyway: Kelvin and Jesslyn reading a food magazine.

Drinks: Tiger Draft, Ice Lemon Tea(s) and Apple Juice.

Pose A: Yeong Hui does his best on the camera.

Beer in the noon : Francis' Tiger Beer Draft.

Mushroom Soup: Accompanied with garlic bread.

Enjoying the meal: Kelvin slurping his soup.

Pasta Galore : Angel Hair Spaghetti

Which is bigger: The plate or Jesslyn?

Make it double: Lasagnas with tons of cheese.

Lasagna A: Francis too hungry to settle down for a picture.

Lasagna B: Kelvin trying to eat while Jesslyn adds some V-pose to the picture.

Pasta Galore(2) : Spaghetti Carbonara with Pork Bacon.

Pose with the food: Yeong Hui and his Carbonara.

Pasta Galore(3) : Spaghetti Carbonara with Pork Bacon and Meatballs.

Upclose and personal: Chunky delicious meatballs.

Posing before eating : Myself with my dish.

Overall, food here is actually very good. Tho, however the cheeziness isn't as strong as the one I had in Delicious Cafe.The prices are a quite high, but on weekdays, there is a 50% of on pastas. We didn't know until the bill came and Jesslyn told us that she saw that discount on the menu. Excellent place to hang out and eat on the weekdays.

Dave's Pizza Pasta Vino (non-halal)
Lot G209, Promenade 1Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya

Friday, August 29, 2008 is now LIVE!

Good day friends,

After 3 years, has a new name. It is now !

Omoshiroi means amusing or interesting.

Hope you guys would continue reading my blog. Thanks for all the support :D

p/s: Merdeka Edition blogtop is also LIVE now :D

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dinner @ South Sea Seafood Restaurant

My parents decided that they haven't had their meal here for some time, so they decided to eat here instead of the usual places we go to. Located near the old airport near Glenmarie, it was quite a long drive in. Being a seafood restaurant, this place had many aquariums housing many variants of seafood including oysters,crabs,live abalone, exotic fish,etc.

While I am still on my therapy, I am not allowed to have seafood. So instead, they had fresh ikan haruan(Sang Yu) and so we ordered that instead. We also ordered stir-fried brocolli and taufu with beancurd skin(Tau fu Tau kan). Pork is not served here, so it is halal.

Side Dishes: Brocolli and Tau fu.

Main Dish: Stir-fried Ikan Haruan with Ginger and Spring Onion.

Soup: Ikan Haruan soup.

The ikan haruan was sliced thinly and then stir-fried with spring onion and ginger. This restaurant however added some really dark soy sauce so it looked a little weird(stir fried should be light brown and not black in color x_x). The remaining parts of the ikan haruan(head,bones,fins,tail,etc) are deep fried, and then made in to soup.

Overall the food was okay, but I've had better ikan haruan dish somewhere else. The brocolli was fine but the taufu lacked taste. Total price came close to about RM100(tea was a little expensive @ rm2.50 per head).

Technical Difficulties

I am in the process of getting a domain name myself, however there appears to be some problem linking blogger to my domain name. So for now I am back to until the problem is fixed.

Do expect some food post in the next few days :D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Skipped a raid and went for a talk...

... and I got was this silly 3d glasses.

Wednesday was supposed to be a day off for me(no classes on Wednesday and Friday), but on Tuesday my coordinator informed me that there was going to be a talk about Image Processing on the following day. Attendance was "COMPULSORY".

Well, the talk introduced us about Lancaster Universities and their facilities(very very huge campus on top of a hill). And then the speakers went to talk about the Image Processing. Not something new to me or my friends really. The session ended exactly in 1 hour.

They gave us the glasses like above and showed us from 3d images, but we couldn't really see due to the poor projection from the lcd projector(it had horizontal shadows all over it and the image was too dim). All I saw were mismatched blue and red lines +_+

You can visit Lancaster's InfoLab21 here : link

*rant: Because of the talk above I missed one GOL raiding session*

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gathering/Dinner @ Chili's 1Utama

This gathering was initially for my ex-schoolmates to meet up again. But due to circumstances, the gathering almost became an 4/5 Alpha gathering instead. The host, Heng Kai had posted this event on Facebook. At least 100 RSVPs were sent out, and only 10 said they could come. In that 10 people(including me), only 8 managed to come.

Not as planned. Definitely.

Booking of the place was left to Kim Hong, however on that day he couldn't book a place, so we had to wait outside for abit. For some reason Chili's was really really popular. With the clock reaching 8.00pm, they finally had a table for us. We initially intended to wait for Heng Kai(he flew 10000km from London and immediately rushed to join us for dinner) to arrive first before we ordered, but everyone was hungry so we started ahead.

My meal : Lamb Shoulder. Kinda salty and little burned.

Kian Fai's dish : Fish with herb and rice.

Ji Yang's dish: Grilled Lamb Steak.

Khim May's dish : Burger and fries.

To be shared: Classic Nachos platter.

Ben/Jia Wei/Kim Hong's dish(es): Spaghetti.

Ben/Jia Wei/Kim Hong's dish(es): Fish n Chips, Chicken Fingers and spaghetti.

Pose time: Kian Fai and Khim May.

See what see: Kim Hong stare-cock at the cameraman who is trying to take peektures.

Pose with FOOD: Jia Wei and Kim Hong gunning down the fish n chips.

Pose with moar food : Benjamin and Roger.

The host: Heng Kai who came in just in time.

Group Photo: Post dinner peekture.

Leon came by to say hi, but he didn't join us for dinner =\. Heng Kai finally arrived at almost 9pm.

Overall, the food over here was okay. Servings were quite large and so was the price. Drinks are definitely expensive, but they're refillable, which is okay although there seems to be a lack of waiter/waitress coming by so getting a refill takes time =_=. With a table of 10 people, our bill came to about RM340. Not too bad imo.

Post-dinner, we planned to go to Heng Kai's house. We bought a poker deck with chips and proceeded to his house. Jia Wei had a curfew, so Kim Hong sent her home before coming over and Roger went home early because he was sleepy. We stayed at Heng Kai's house till about 2.30AM after some poker game and jeering/cheering at the olympic games.

Chili's One Utama
One Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Phone Number: 03 7725 7277

Iphone 3G~

...but it's not mine. D:

All I can say is : Bling.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cake is a lie.

no free lunch/dinner. orz

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dinner at Peppercorn Cafe, Subang Jaya

*Firstly, you gotta forgive me for the poor pictures as the lighting was poor and i used a cameraphone with flash turned off. Tried to brighten up the pictures with irfanview and ended up with super pixelated pictures. >_>

Subang SS15, where food,drinks, and lepaking is a norm. There are many eateries in the area as there are 3 main colleges in the area. Because of that, most f&b stores here are thriving(like Asia Cafe). Last Saturday, I went with my mom to Peppercorn Cafe because I told her it was a good place for western dining.

Peppercorn Cafe is a small shop located near the ss15 market. Peppercorn Cafe does not have a very large variety on its menu, however they are really scrumptious :D. Lets start with what I had on that day.

I had ordered a Grilled Dory with cream sauce and my mom order Rosemary Lamb. Both our meals came in a set of appetizer,soup, garlic toast, tea and desert.

Appetizer: Mushroom Chicken with Cheese Pancake.

Soup of the Day: Corn with Croutons.

Main Course: Grilled Dory with Cream sauce.(Rosemary lamb not pictured as my mom already started on it xD)

Complementary: Garlic Bread.

Dessert: Pudding and Crysantheneum tea(not pictured).

The food tasted good(although bland in some items like the soup). The lamb was tender and juicy. The fish was well complemented with the cream sauce. Overall, it was a good meal we had and the cost wasn't too bad either. Our meals costed RM26 and RM29 each, bringing it to a modest RM55. For a full course meal, I'd say this is quite worth while.

p/s: Wikimapia location here.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Internship over...

After about 5 months, I've finally completed my internship with Serial Data Sdn Bhd. Met many people, went to many places, celebrated many birthdays and gained much knowledge. Many thanks to my colleagues who taught me and appreciated my work alongside with my college mate Francis who was in the same company.

Working under superior can be quite frightening at first as we're not sure about how they react and what is their temperament. But once you get to know them, it suddenly feels really normal and that you seem to be able to blend into the environment.

It was quite fun to work with them too. They brought me to places to makan which I've never been before and they sometimes would pack food back as well(food! we all love food :3). During my 5months, I've actually celebrated most of my colleagues birthdays in the office too. Started from Jeya, Elwin and then Joey(they didn't celebrate mine, but that is okay).

As for work, there wasn't that much to do, but I guess I've learned much with interacting with people. My job usually took place outside the office, and so sometimes I would have to talk to people to get around. I had to install stuff into printers, repair computers, code an application, move stuff around, do filing just like every other staff does in the office (minus repairing computers that is).

I actually loved repairing stuff. Tinkering with computers actually kept me from being bored in the office most of the time. Plug out hardware, reformat computers, move them around,diagnose,etc etc.

My supervisor : Jeya with his b'day cake.

My colleague: Elwin with his cake.

Combo Breaker: Joey, with her cake as well.

Beside the birthday girl: Seet Fong, our office admin.

From Left to Right: Tommy, Hann and my boss, Archie.

Collegemate: Francis seen here about to nomnomnom his currypuff.

Myself: behind me is my desktop and the printers I work with.

p/s: missing in all the pictures is Khairul, another office admin but he is always on work outside at the wrong time lol.

Next week, my boss is going to take me out for lunch or dinner along with the other colleagues. I wonder where we're headed for? :D