Sunday, July 20, 2008


Yup. Finally got one, an Eeepc. This is the 901 series with Intel Atom processor :D

The box: demo-ing the white EEE 901.

Glossy Black: Sexy Eee 901 with Opera 9.5 being installed

Specs for the EeePc 901 are:

Intel Atom N270 1.6ghz
Intel I945G chipset
1gb ddr2 ram
12gb SSD(4gb + 8gb)
Wireless B/G/N
6cell 6600mah battery
8.9" lcd

IMO, this version of the Eee is far superior than its competitors, such as the Acer Aspire One, Hp Mininote and Msi Wind. Especially in the design department, the glossy black really stands out(fingerprint magnet get). Battery life is also superior, with Windows XP reporting about 6hours fully charged(although it'll last about 4.5hours at full speed).

Price? Yours for only RM1699. I think it might be a little expensive for a sub-notebook, but I guess it's all worth it considering you get a bigger battery, bluetooth, windows XP and wireless-n. This alone pretty much seperates it from the competition.

I played around with it and brought it over to my nephew's full moon celebration. My relatives were quite impressed with the Eee and they seem to be quite interested in getting one as well.

Undoubtedly the sub-notebook will be a very popular a very popular niche soon in town. I would probably expect people lurking about in Starbucks or Mcd with their Eees, Wind, AAO, Mininote etc.

Oh and did I say the Eee was mine? Nah, it belongs to my mom. I handed it back to her this morning :(

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


My friend proposed something to our office admin yesterday and she said yes.

Well, what it means is that I can end my internship one week earlier than my contract. Yay!

From 8August(Olympics LOL) to 31st July. Extra 1 week holiday for me before I get back to college~

Broken Leg...

Sorry for not having any content lately again.

Well, I had suffered Psoriatic Arthritis on my ankle last week. I am recovering but it still hurts. Must be my unlucky month as this Pso. Athritis is described as a condition where antibodies attack the joints for no reason causing inflammation and then Arthritis.

For the last week or so, I didn't go to work either. Not being able to drive sucks, and walking up and down from my room to the kitchen took much more effort than usual. The pain was excruciating on the first day I got it. It started in the morning when I felt a light pain on my ankle. I thought I may had twisted my ankle or something. But I went to work on that very day. As time passed my ankle began to hurt more and more. By the time I had finished work, the ankle seemed to have swelled up a little and I was having a little trouble getting downstairs to my car and driving back home.

Took a short rest when I reached home. Applied hot&cold treatment(supposely soaking the ankle(or any painful joints) in hot water and then cooled down quickly with ice water would reduce the swelling) and heat patch to the ankle. Nothing worked. By 9pm when my mom got home, I could hardly even get up from the bed. It was way too painful to even take a step. However, I had to bare with it and my mom quickly took me to the clinic. The doctor explained that I may have a case of Psoriatic Athritis which is linked to my skin condition.

Pills,Antibodies,Muscle Relaxers were prescribed. I took them and felt slightly better the next day. However, since I am on herbal medicine treatment for my skin, I cannot take the pills anymore. Mom called up consultant and he gave her a chinese medicine recipe for Athritis. She bought a few packs of the herbs before coming home and boiled it for me. Man, the drink was dark in color. Darker than the night and murkier than the swap =_=

Anyway, I had drunk the herbs for about a week now, and have gotten used to the rather strange taste of it. Now blogging this from work, and it still hurts :<