Friday, April 25, 2008

Luck, it could not have been even worse

Tyres, Absorbers, what? *dies of shock*

A top overhaul had to be done to my engine =_= . Why? Because apparently the engine had overheated and then indirectly expanded the gap of the leaking engine oil area(had it previously) and caused the engine oil to spew out over the whole underbody of my car. Fortunately, I made it to the workshop before and damage had been done.

The mechanic told me that it was due to a leaky connection from the radiator to the engine that caused the water to leak out, and as the radiator is empty, the engine overheats. I wouldn't know if the engine had overheated as well because my meter is still broken(yet to be replaced.)

So, a top overhaul job with replacing all the rubber seals and valves costed about RM900. Talk about tough luck; all these changes in one month...thats more than rm2000 in repairs T_T

Car Internals: The piping behind the engine block leaked water caused overheating. Rust stains all over.

Taken out: All the parts from the engine head. The fan belts had to be replaced as they were cracking and might snap.

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