Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lunch @ Sakae Sushi, Sunway Pyramid

Last week, Ooity wanted to hang out as he was bored. So we went to Sunway Pyramid as he could grab some games to play when he gets home. Upon arriving, Ooity wanted to have McDonalds for lunch but it was too crowded, so we opted for japanese food instead. Seems that Japanese restaurants seem to be mushrooming in Sunway Pyramid. Zen, Sakae Sushi, Genki Sushi, Shogun, etc. I suggested Sakae Sushi because we've never tried it before.

Sakae Sushi was considerably crowded during lunch time. We managed to get a table, and proceeded ordering. Sakae Sushi seems to differ from other types of restaurant; instead of having to order thru the waiter(ress), you have to order thru their interactive menu on the side of the table. The waiter(ress) only comes in when you first sit on the table, and when you leave. At any other time, you probably wont even see them. There is a hot water dispenser built in to the side of the sushi counter. This is for easy refilling on the tea.

Sakae Sushi, as it name tells, is more of a sushi bar than a restaurant. There are quite a variety of sushis, tempuras, tofu, deep fried stuff, bento, teppanyaki and some special dishes, and not to forget desserts. Aside sushis, we had deep fried oyster, gyoza,mochi and ice-cream daifuku.

Green Tea in a pack, add hot water yourself.

Interactive Menu & Sushi counter behind.

Ooity browsing thru the menu.

Due to being too hungry, all the food was eaten up before the author managed to grab a picture.

Plates of sushis.

Ending the meal with mini ice-cream daifuku.

Overall, Sakae Sushi is quite a nice place to dine-in. However, the food is lacking in taste, and that the sushis were cut too thin to taste anything. There are some issues with the sushi cleanliness as well(Ooity spotted hair in one of the plates). Total bill came to about RM60 for 10 dishes and tea.

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