Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ooity's Birthday @ Jogoya, StarHill KL

Last week, I mean last year on the 29th of December, Ji Yang wanted to treat me and Ooity for a buffet dinner at Starhill as a farewell dinner, but on that day itself, it was Ooity's birthday as well. I picked up Ooity in the afternoon and went to Ji Yang's house. The dinner was booked at 5.00pm.

As you probably know already, Jogoya has a reputation of being one of the higher class buffets in town. Dinner is priced at RM88++ per pax. If you spend over RM1200, you are entitled for a VIP card, which gives you access to the premium stuff at Jogoya, such as snow crabs/king crabs/lobsters.

Anyway, on to the pictures!

Ooity with his poached eggs, and a coconut drink.

Ji Yang with his big ass raw oysters.

Fried and grilled stuff. There was fried mochi yam, french styled fish, mango beef pastry, fried fish. See if you can mix and match them :P

Wide range of sushis. The usuals were Salmon and Tuna. For sashimi they served Tuna,Salmon,Red Snapper, Red Talapia and Geoduck(expensive like hell, but has no taste -_-)

Ooity munching on escargots and fried baby crabs.

Tom Yam styled Cod Fish. You need to throw in a token to order this(the clips that are placed on your table)

Edamame seasoned with spices

Dessert time! Blueberry Cheesecake. Very yummy :D

Red Bean, Peach and Strawberry Flavoured Mochi. Very very tasty. It doesn't make you 'jelak' after eating it.

Ice cream! Today it was special, there were 3 types of ice cream manufacturers instead of one. Haagen Dazs, Baskin Robbins and a Taiwanese brand Ice Cream(banana, couldn't read chinese :x) Picture shown above is Wasabi, Green Tea, and Chocolate Chili from Baskin Robbins. Haagen Dazs had the usual Vanilla, Strawberry(thats actually RED in color), Green Tea and misc. The Taiwanese one had Mango, Dark Cherry, Tiramisu, and misc.

A happy and satisfied Ooity. He got high on desert and was banging the Eclipse Mint cases that contained a spider he caught in the car earlier.

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