Monday, January 21, 2008

Lunch at Delicious Cafe, 1Utama

This was supposed to be a meet up with Sapphira, Heng Teng and Jehan; but only Sapphira, Ooity and myself turned up. We had planned to meet up at 1 Utama the day before at the Delicious Cafe. I arrived at 1U with ooity at 12pm, and then we headed on looking for the place. It took us 30minutes to find the place, and before we knew it, it was just under our noses -_-

Anyway, on to pictures~

Guest of Honor: Sapphira

Ooity's Lemon and Lime Bitters

Sapphira's mushroom something spaghetti. Forgot the name, but it tastes good :D

My Carbonara Spaghetti. If you look closely on the top, those are grated cheese and they make the overall cream even thicker. The taste is a little different than the carbonara I had elsewhere, but all is good. Must be the cheese I guess.

Ooity's Wagyu Beef Pie. Comes with salad and a cup of sauce for the pie. Ooity says the meat is more tender than normal beef.

Total price of the lunch was about RM80+ with 5%+10% tax. Delicious cafe has a nice ambient environment, and food proportions are quite large (if you do eat there, try the salad, they come in VERY huge proportions).

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