Monday, January 21, 2008

Lunch at Delicious Cafe, 1Utama

This was supposed to be a meet up with Sapphira, Heng Teng and Jehan; but only Sapphira, Ooity and myself turned up. We had planned to meet up at 1 Utama the day before at the Delicious Cafe. I arrived at 1U with ooity at 12pm, and then we headed on looking for the place. It took us 30minutes to find the place, and before we knew it, it was just under our noses -_-

Anyway, on to pictures~

Guest of Honor: Sapphira

Ooity's Lemon and Lime Bitters

Sapphira's mushroom something spaghetti. Forgot the name, but it tastes good :D

My Carbonara Spaghetti. If you look closely on the top, those are grated cheese and they make the overall cream even thicker. The taste is a little different than the carbonara I had elsewhere, but all is good. Must be the cheese I guess.

Ooity's Wagyu Beef Pie. Comes with salad and a cup of sauce for the pie. Ooity says the meat is more tender than normal beef.

Total price of the lunch was about RM80+ with 5%+10% tax. Delicious cafe has a nice ambient environment, and food proportions are quite large (if you do eat there, try the salad, they come in VERY huge proportions).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lunch @ Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant

Today Ooity decided to treat me and Ji Yang for lunch since Ji Yang was going to leave for America tomorrow. I picked up Ooity and we headed down to Ji Yang's place. We played the Wii for a while, but no one had any idea of where to eat. I borrowed Ji Yang's laptop and went on a searching food searching on blogs such as Kyspeaks and Masak-Masak. Not being able to look for a suitable location to eat, Ji Yang suddenly suggested that we should go to a Japanese restaurant near his place.

Located just off Old Klang Road, it may be hard to look for this particular restaurant as it is hidden at the back row of the shop lots. It didn't take us long to reach there as Ji Yang knew the way to go, but new comers may find it hard to locate the restaurant.

Upon arrival, there was a power outage at the restaurant, but it didn't hinder us and we still went ahead for lunch. The Nihon Kai restaurant has two floors. The upper floor has several private rooms to suit a bigger crowd/families. The menu book was thick; it had many varieties of food and each of them were accompanied with a picture.

My set lunch : Sashimi Lunch Set.

Ooity's lunch: Oyako Don and Gyoza.

Ji Yang's Lunch : Nihon Kai Lunch Special.

The total bill came to about RM64. That is roughly RM18 per person not including tea. Portions are smaller than what you would normally find, but at this price, it is money well spent. Fish was fresh and the food tasted good.

p/s : On an interesting note, Ji Yang found this at the manga rack. It's an all authentic picture book of Hard Gay. Awesome stuff I must say, it's really hilarious.

4-2, Jalan Telok Gadon, Off Jalan Klang Lama, Batu 3 1/2,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-79823668

Business Hours:
12.00pm - 3.00pm
6.00pm - 10.00pm
(Open Daily)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Benjamin's Birthday 2008

I celebrated Ben's birthday last week on Saturday. It was a planned BBQ party at Riana Green, Damansara. Among those attended were myself, Ji Yang, Wendy, Jade, Hisham, Joel, and Benjamin's few other college mates. Kian Guan ffk'd last minute, so he owes us dinner!(but he left quickly for UK shortly after to return to studies).

Ji Yang didn't want to drive down to Damansara, so he stopped by and I drove down instead. Benjamin arrived early to check on the BBQ pit and other stuff. Hisham and friends arrived shortly after I stepped into Riana Green. The BBQ pits were wet, so charcoal had to be burnt longer before it can reach optimal temperature. Fearing drinks weren't enough, I went to the mini mart with Jade and Ji Yang and bought a few bottles of Sprite. Jade later went to his car to pick up a bottle of alcohol. Benjamin wanted to buy a cake, and most of them parked inside, so I drove him down to the nearest Secret Recipe which was 500metres away(or less).

He ordered Chocolate Banana cake. Guess what he asked for to write on the cake. Was it "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN", "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF!" ? No, it was "OMG WTF BBQ".

With everything set in place, we just waited for the charcoals to burn and hopefully drying the pit at the same time. Without more text, here comes the pictures which will explain more.

(Pictures are blur because it was in a low light condition, and flash burst is short. Also because its a cameraphone lulz)

Wendy and Benjamin preparing the coridial mix of Longan, Orange Cordial and Sprite.

Hisham decided to drop in with a pose for a picture.

The Booze, Cointreau 40%.

Iron Chef Ji Yang at work preparing the pit.

Time to cook! Sausages with butter and honey coated.

The attendees. Benjamin's tuition teacher provided the venue/booking of the pit.

Benjamin decides to cockblock the picture with a random pose.

Bored? Let the booze party begin.

The Birthday Boy attempting to glug down the contents of the bottle.

More food! This time with flash. Beef was the fastest to finish up.

Oops, someone's face turned red from the alcohol.

Hisham caught with his cordial mix.

Poke me! Poke me! Benjamin's asks Wendy to poke his tummy to see if it is hard.

Just a sip of alcohol 'kay? Birthday Boy gives a treat of alcohol.

Partially high Wendy.

The 'OMG WTF BBQ' cake.

My cake! My cake! Birthday Boy poses with his cake.

People gathering around the cake.

Time to cut the cake!

After finishing up the cake, Benjamin went on a rage and started to splash water on everyone. I quickly left the place because I didn't want to get wet.

Random Shot 1 : COCK brand fire starter.

Random Shot 2: This little lizard decided to hitch a ride on my wiper. Moments later it was no where to be seen. It probably has gone where no lizards have gone before~

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ooity's Birthday @ Jogoya, StarHill KL

Last week, I mean last year on the 29th of December, Ji Yang wanted to treat me and Ooity for a buffet dinner at Starhill as a farewell dinner, but on that day itself, it was Ooity's birthday as well. I picked up Ooity in the afternoon and went to Ji Yang's house. The dinner was booked at 5.00pm.

As you probably know already, Jogoya has a reputation of being one of the higher class buffets in town. Dinner is priced at RM88++ per pax. If you spend over RM1200, you are entitled for a VIP card, which gives you access to the premium stuff at Jogoya, such as snow crabs/king crabs/lobsters.

Anyway, on to the pictures!

Ooity with his poached eggs, and a coconut drink.

Ji Yang with his big ass raw oysters.

Fried and grilled stuff. There was fried mochi yam, french styled fish, mango beef pastry, fried fish. See if you can mix and match them :P

Wide range of sushis. The usuals were Salmon and Tuna. For sashimi they served Tuna,Salmon,Red Snapper, Red Talapia and Geoduck(expensive like hell, but has no taste -_-)

Ooity munching on escargots and fried baby crabs.

Tom Yam styled Cod Fish. You need to throw in a token to order this(the clips that are placed on your table)

Edamame seasoned with spices

Dessert time! Blueberry Cheesecake. Very yummy :D

Red Bean, Peach and Strawberry Flavoured Mochi. Very very tasty. It doesn't make you 'jelak' after eating it.

Ice cream! Today it was special, there were 3 types of ice cream manufacturers instead of one. Haagen Dazs, Baskin Robbins and a Taiwanese brand Ice Cream(banana, couldn't read chinese :x) Picture shown above is Wasabi, Green Tea, and Chocolate Chili from Baskin Robbins. Haagen Dazs had the usual Vanilla, Strawberry(thats actually RED in color), Green Tea and misc. The Taiwanese one had Mango, Dark Cherry, Tiramisu, and misc.

A happy and satisfied Ooity. He got high on desert and was banging the Eclipse Mint cases that contained a spider he caught in the car earlier.

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