Sunday, December 23, 2007


Couldn't be bothered to update my blog frequently, but anyway here is an update lol.

My phone died on me this week. Mom decided to be generous and replaced my phone. I got a new Sony Ericsson K810i :3 . That will mean that I may be photo-blogging more often now :P

FOOD! Yesterday was a chinese festival, and with every festival there would always be tons of food to eat. Also, Tong Yuen was served. I kneaded the dough until my hand became sore cause it was cold from the fridge, and hard. My aunt from Singapore came back, and she did the cooking instead of my grandmother.

Have you guys tried Red Bean Bread(not bun) before? Recently, this has become my favourite snack. Costing RM5.80, you may think that its no exactly cheap, but it does indeed weigh alot(500g maybe?). You can find this bread at RT Pastry House in SS15(beside Public Bank).

looks like any ordinary loaf of bread


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