Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas '07

Christmas comes every year, and so it has come this year as well. I celebrated my Christmas this year at Ooity's house. Me, Ooity and Ji Yang went down to Subang Parade at noon to shop with supplies. We took an hour or more suggesting what to buy, and laughing at everything we saw. Ooity kept going "THIS IS CANCEROUS" at every product he sees.

After that we headed back home to pick up my Wii and Ji Yang's laptop that he had left before we set out. I drove myself down as I had to pick up Hisham. At about 4, I reached Ooity's house, and they had already started cooking some finger foods.

Later on, we went to the room to play some Wii, Sapphira arrived shortly after. We played the Wii together and after 2hours-ish she had to go. It was short but nice meeting you again after so long :D

Anyway,since pictures are worth a thousand words, let them do the talking instead (lazy me :x )

Subang Parade Deco

Mr Snowman~

See that chair? It's where Santa sits.

When we got back, Ooity decided to show his 1337 cooking skillz

Wii-ing in Ooity's room, madman lurking from the back lulz

Dog gets stuck behind the door

Radioactive drink, soda + flavouring + livita

A stoned Hisham.

And he passed out from a drink later on.

Häagen-Dazs® strawberry flavoured. It was so hard it bent a few spoons.

The food we had. 2 large pizzas, and one small Kaya Banana dessert.

Can you believe this is not meat? We didn't check the price beforehand, ended up paying rm30 x 2 for those lookalikes D:

3 easy steps to get high and stoned. Mix bbq sauce and hot mustard; stir; swallow.

When you see it, you will shit bricks.

A stoned Ooity.

I left quite early as Hisham had work the following day. I really missed those days that I was in high school. Parties were large as most of my schoolmates would always come. Now everyone has their own agenda, probably celebrating it elsewhere; many are abroad as well. But no matter, we grow and move on. With that said, its only less than a week to the year of the rat. I wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year! Hope to see you guys more often soon~

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se radioactive drink.. hontou ni orenji???