Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas '07

Christmas comes every year, and so it has come this year as well. I celebrated my Christmas this year at Ooity's house. Me, Ooity and Ji Yang went down to Subang Parade at noon to shop with supplies. We took an hour or more suggesting what to buy, and laughing at everything we saw. Ooity kept going "THIS IS CANCEROUS" at every product he sees.

After that we headed back home to pick up my Wii and Ji Yang's laptop that he had left before we set out. I drove myself down as I had to pick up Hisham. At about 4, I reached Ooity's house, and they had already started cooking some finger foods.

Later on, we went to the room to play some Wii, Sapphira arrived shortly after. We played the Wii together and after 2hours-ish she had to go. It was short but nice meeting you again after so long :D

Anyway,since pictures are worth a thousand words, let them do the talking instead (lazy me :x )

Subang Parade Deco

Mr Snowman~

See that chair? It's where Santa sits.

When we got back, Ooity decided to show his 1337 cooking skillz

Wii-ing in Ooity's room, madman lurking from the back lulz

Dog gets stuck behind the door

Radioactive drink, soda + flavouring + livita

A stoned Hisham.

And he passed out from a drink later on.

Häagen-Dazs® strawberry flavoured. It was so hard it bent a few spoons.

The food we had. 2 large pizzas, and one small Kaya Banana dessert.

Can you believe this is not meat? We didn't check the price beforehand, ended up paying rm30 x 2 for those lookalikes D:

3 easy steps to get high and stoned. Mix bbq sauce and hot mustard; stir; swallow.

When you see it, you will shit bricks.

A stoned Ooity.

I left quite early as Hisham had work the following day. I really missed those days that I was in high school. Parties were large as most of my schoolmates would always come. Now everyone has their own agenda, probably celebrating it elsewhere; many are abroad as well. But no matter, we grow and move on. With that said, its only less than a week to the year of the rat. I wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year! Hope to see you guys more often soon~

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Breakfast :3

Char Siew Pau and Tong Po Yuk Mantau. The Tong Po Yuk Mantau is a miniaturized version of the ones you'd normally eat in restaurant. It has the same taste too, very nice :D .

You can find these at Restaurant Unlimited in ss14(beside Wong Soon Kee kopitiam)


Couldn't be bothered to update my blog frequently, but anyway here is an update lol.

My phone died on me this week. Mom decided to be generous and replaced my phone. I got a new Sony Ericsson K810i :3 . That will mean that I may be photo-blogging more often now :P

FOOD! Yesterday was a chinese festival, and with every festival there would always be tons of food to eat. Also, Tong Yuen was served. I kneaded the dough until my hand became sore cause it was cold from the fridge, and hard. My aunt from Singapore came back, and she did the cooking instead of my grandmother.

Have you guys tried Red Bean Bread(not bun) before? Recently, this has become my favourite snack. Costing RM5.80, you may think that its no exactly cheap, but it does indeed weigh alot(500g maybe?). You can find this bread at RT Pastry House in SS15(beside Public Bank).

looks like any ordinary loaf of bread


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Granado Espada becomes free!? The ironies...

Yesterday my faction member, Bandeau had notified us that there was going to be an announcement that "GE WILL NOT BE THE SAME AFTER TODAY". Truth to be told, I didn't know what to expect. Rumors were spreading all over, and into the faction. And then it came,"GRANADO ESPADA GOES FREE". Hardly 3 months that they announced that they went P2P, they changed it back to F2P due to "IMC's global direction for GE where the servers are maintained as F2P". I knew it was coming as Korean and Japanese version of GE were free, but it seems that i have deliberately wasted my money on the Limited Edition Box which cost me RM185.

The irony now lies in the article they published 3 months ago being a P2P game.

"A free to play system creates a significantly larger base of players who do not invest anything in the game other than time. Some of these players will not care about following rules of conduct or fair play. If they receive a warning or ban, they can instantly create another account for free and re-enter the game."
Right, so now we're going F2P, and we will have even more freeloaders than what we have now.

"An extremely large player base can also lead to server crowding, without providing adequate revenue for IAHGames to install and run new servers. It is our goal to maintain an optimal volume of players on all worlds, and to open new worlds as necessary. A free to play system would hamper our ability to do so."
It is obvious that servers will now be even more crowded. So, whose gonna pay for your new servers?

"Along with server crowding, Customer Service and support lines would be stretched to accommodate the large player base, once again without providing the necessary revenue that allows IAHGames to expand the CS staff to meet the number of needs and requests of our gamers. We do not think it is fair if customer service experiences a queue of some 99 requests, and a paying customer, one who supports the service, is stuck 99 slots behind players who is not paying for the service."
Your customer service did nothing and we paid for it.It just isn't adequate, and now all the ex-P2P players are also stuck with the 99slots of players who did not pay for the game.

"The accessibility of a free to play system also opens the doors for gold farmers, scammers, and others who wish to manipulate Granado Espada’s in-game world to meet self-serving desires other than entertaining game play."
As if it isn't bad enough now, the economy of Granado Espada will be ruined so badly it will NOT be recoverable. Some say having plague of bots will make items cheaper in the long run. However, the effect was actually opposite, as bots farmed the items, they keep it for themselves, and sell it at a high price because they can control the monopoly of these items.

"We feel that players who invest both their time and money in Granado Espada will be more likely to show love for the game, their fellow gamers and the Granado Espada community as a whole. These are the kind of gamers we cherish at IAHGames, and the type of customer we consider first when providing our services."
I can only say I feel cheated at this point.

Now IAHgames wants to remedy this problem by "rewarding" P2P users with cash items.

"5 x Enhancement Tranquilizers
5 x Enhancement Boosters
5 x Soul Crystals
5 x Hrin’s potions
1 x Combat Manual Expert (30 days)
1 x Tactics Manual (15 days)
1 x Forgotten Territory Pass"
They also intend to convert all the gameplay time that users have reloaded into with a ratio of 1day:30gpts. I have 200 days left, so that gives me 6000gpts. 6000gpts is like RM20. I spent like RM180 for the LE box, and at least another RM100 on gpts top up. How does 6000gpts and the reward package look like a fair compensation?

At the moment, I can only say that there will be alot of changes from now on. No doubt I'll continue playing Granado Espada, I would NEVER play another online game from IAHgames. Sorry IAHgames, your business ethics suck.


Granado Espada goes P2P!
Granado Espada goes F2P!