Tuesday, November 20, 2007

[Preview] Guitar Hero 3

A friend of mine wanted to come over to try out some new games I had for Wii, and he brought along Guitar Hero 3. Sadly he could not stay over as it was late, so instead I lent him the games and he borrowed me his GH3. This game costs rm360, which includes the guitar. I haven't got time to actually play the game, so here are some pictures of the unit. As you can see its a shape of a Les Paul guitar. The guitar controller felt solid on first touch(which explains why it costs so much). They could have kept the price down though, as it still requires a Wiimote to be attached on the guitar.

This is Ji Yang playing GH3. Serious Guitarist at work!

This is OoiTY playing GH3. Lazy man style~

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Jade Lee said...

Where are you playing the guitar???
Show off a bit lah!