Monday, October 08, 2007

Extortionist at work?

***Warning : Rant Post Ahead***

Noon, I was having lunch. Suddenly, a power cut happened. This power cut had affected the whole neighborhood. Fine, to pass time I dug up some old comics and read them. Then I dozed off a little. Almost 2 hours had gone by...

Suddenly, my maid knocked on the door. Apparently, it was them T*B people. He passed me a red letter and told me it was a friendly reminder that I did not pay the electricity bill. He asked to let him in to check the meter. I let him in and he proceeded checking the meter. He checked and wrote something. He then asked me, "Bila nak bayar?(When do you want to pay?)". Being a blur person, I told him, "Besok (tomorrow)". He then muttered something about where to pay and there being another power cut if I don't pay. He then left for another house in my neighborhood.

I called up my parents. They said that the bill was already paid sometime ago. So much for efficiency there. Though I am not surprised, but there was also a power cut sometime last week during the night. Also, power tripped again just a while ago.

Isn't this like indirect extortion? They cut your power, torture you without electricity for a few hours, then send a random guy to your house and asks you when do you want to pay?

T*B, you should really buck up. Too bad the laws here are pretty loose, or else you might be in hot soup now if the neighborhood had complained about your efficiency at handling this.

UPDATE: The red letter was supposed to be sent a WEEK ago. Only one week later, they decided to send the letter directly. Shame on you T*B.

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