Sunday, September 16, 2007

GE Event @ Cineleisure Damansara

Ji Yang and I traveled to Cineleisure last Friday to attend the event( and to get the divine angel wings :cool: ). We arrived about 12.50pm and we didn't know where to find the event. *Pictures taken using Ji Yang's SE K750i.*

Fortunately, I saw a statue of something resembling a monster boss in GE.

ZOMG, it was the Phibotan General! Prepare your rifles and swords!


Anyway, it was held at the concourse area of the place.

There were booths from MOL,UOB Bank, TmNet,Asus and Seagate(?).

*Otaku A beside Ji Yang*

MOL Booth, with the hueg TV showing commercials of GE.

Outside, there was a vehicle, laced with tons of GE Vinyls, and also a Hill Giant.

*Hill Giant looks over the event*

The schedule for the event was put outside as well.

Oh, and the laptops they used for the GE Event.

*RM6988 for C2D 2.2ghz,2gb ram, Nvidia 8600m GT and 160gb hdd*

Unfortunately I couldn't make it on Saturday, I heard Community Manager Hrin attended the event as well. My thoughts about the event, mainly about those people promoting CREDIT CARDS to students. My first thought was, "Hey, I'm too young for this. I dont even have a fixed income". I was too afraid to take up on the offer that I even rejected their RM5 voucher(for MOLpoints) that is redeemable on the spot *_* . There wasn't much to see on Friday, but my faction mates told me Saturday was more packed instead. Also, the laptop made me drool badly. Its so much more portable, and faster than my current computer. The laptop was fully carbon-fibre lookalike skinned, that event the touchpad has CF looks. But all teh blings come with hefty price x_x .

Ji Yang and I only stayed to collect the Divine Angel Wings, as I had class at 2.30pm. Funny thing was we went so early, but the collection counter only opened at 2.00pm. I had to rush back to Subang to attend my classes. I was slightly late, but I made it. Hell alot of traffic on the way home, couldn't speed up to catch up with time.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Movie Review: Rogue Assassin

Rogue Assassin was a pretty interesting show to watch. Starring my two favorite actors, Jet Li( Wong Fei Hung series) and Jason Statham (The Transporter), this was a sure watch for me.

The movie is basically about Jack Crawford(Jason) trying to investigate his friend's murder, Tom Lone. Tom was murdered by an assassin they called the Rogue, which was suppose to be a mythical person. The story then later sets off 3 years after Tom's death, and Jack finally found that Rogue was working for the Triads.

This story has so many plot twists(hint : * Double Agent) that it made the show very interesting. Music was done by Brian Tyler( did the FnF: Tokyo Drift). The car chase scene was very Tokyo Drift-esque; revving engines and gear shifts( and some drifts too). Also, there were easter eggs, especially the pistol that they used in this show. Rogue's pistol seems to be able to shoot silently without a silencer attachment, and sometimes it goes with a loud bang. This seems to apply to every guns Rogue used, even the enemies.

All in all, I think one should give show a watch. I give it an 8 out 10 rating.