Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Granado Espada = SPARTAAAAA!?

During the last colony war in Granado Espada, it was like a scene out of 300. There were 16factions who declared on my faction. Thats makes it 16 versus 1 faction. This was due that we had the most territories in game(8 out of 21). Imagine if an average of 50 families per faction, there would be 800 families against us, which we only had a mere 60ish families online.

Immediately at the start of the war at 8pm. Declaration of War had been thrown to us, and we had to start defending. We started losing colonies, one by one. And by 9pm, we had been cut down to 3 colonies. Suddenly, the opposing factions started declaring war on each other. Each faction was hoping to get a shot at the colony.

It was a good time to strike back. Our allies aided us to take back our colonies. We slowly pushed back all the opposing factions and managed to regain 3 colonies. We mustered all the families in hopes to take one more colony back, but it was too late. The war had already ended. It was not a bad loss, as the other 2 colonies had been taken over by one of our allies, which isn't too bad.

(*P/S: I dont have actual screenshots for the war. It was way too laggy to capture any in the first place >_> . Screenshot provided by faction member, Chaosic)

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