Sunday, July 08, 2007

Weekly Updates

More silly updates for this week.

- Reached level 88 in Granado Espada. Getting tougher now that i am in dire need of teh in game monies, and also lack of proper weaponary. However, I do have good armors(musketeer wearing Dragoon Coat, Grace Bernelli donned in a Corsair Rosso and Scout with a Rescue Suit).

- I finally sent my car in for a full service. Cleaned the air filter, changed oil, oil filters, etc. Also, replaced my outstanding engine mountings. All 4 of them were broken. Ahh, imagine driving with your engine floating about in the bay. Not a very nice feeling. Workshop had a few new mechanics that i've not seen before, but they seem to be doing a good job anyway. All that power has been restored and the car feels light again :P

- Went for dinner with parents. The usual shop that we go to in PJS seems to have closed down. May need to go there again next week to reconfirm. Maybe its just the 07/07/07 fad that the boss decided to slack on that day or something :P . Ended up having dinner at country kitchen at PJ State. Their ginger-laden dishes, very very spicy. I wonder how old are the gingers that they use xO

- Exam is next week. First in line is PHP on the 10th, Project Management II @ 12th and finally Advanced Algorithms on the 16th. After that its a month long of holidays xD

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