Thursday, July 12, 2007

E3 Nintendo Keynotes = Orgasmic.

Billions of accessories and games released for the Wii. The epicness of Nintendo is now incomprehensible. Let me start of with a few things that grabbed my attention.

1. Wii Fit

Yes you heard me right. Wii FIT. Its a new game and a new periphiral. You don't normally associate fitness with a game console, but now you can. Wii Training with Wii Sports wasn't enough, now comes another. Wii Fit utilizes a Sensor plate which goes on the floor alongside with a wiimote. You can do Yoga and exercises and stuff like that. Basically like a personal trainer or something, except electronically. Here is a preview of Wii Fit:-

2. Wii Blaster and Resident Evil : Umbrella Chronicles

Finally a decent FPS game arcade style. This game is similar to Time Crisis or Virtual Cop that you play at your local arcade. You dont need to purchase a Guncon type of equipment, just a shell to house the wiimote and nunchuck. Now with the Wii and the attachment you can play it in a similar way. Oh god, do I want it? Oh hell yes please.

There also others, namely like Guitar Hero III and Mario Karts 2008. But the above two gets my vote. Watch for it soon, as I might be getting them xD

Also, obligatory IT PRINTS MONEY meme.

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