Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Updates...

Crazy month this is. I had tons of presentations and tons of assignments to hand in this month. Next month is already examinations so yeah @_@

Heng Kai and Tech Yann came back to Malaysia this month as well. I went over to hk's house last friday along with seta and ooity. We played the wii on his hueg 42" LCD. Awesome experience really :P. Had dinner at 9pm @ Pizza Uno Taipan. All of us had fettuccine cabonara. Tasted really good. ooity had ordered a side dish as well(something hummus, basically egg with some spices and olive oil and is eaten with toasted bread). After that they came over to my place. But hk and seta had to leave because they had something to do. Ooity stayed over and we proceeded to play the Wii.

We played Elebits at the start. Elebits is like a reverse katamari, instead of rolling items up, you actually shoot elebits(the creature) to power up electricity and complete objectives. Later on, we played Trauma Center : Second Opinion. Excellent game I must say. Playing a role of a surgeon in your living room, definitely wont find this anywhere else xD. We played this till 3ish am. We could have continued on till the next morning but decided not to. The following day we resumed trauma center and almost finished the game. The Ending arc missions were VERY tough D: . Needs someone with the real Healing Touch :P

Sunday. Lack of energy due to power overwhelmed on friday/saturday >_< . Eat sleep eat sleep D: . Not a very good practice. Still have to finish up PHP which is my last assignment. I have to create an ATOM feed and use php as the back end to update it. *snore snore*

Sunday, June 10, 2007

post birthday log

What a day it was for me, to be celebrating my birthday with a wii. Thanks again to everyone for coming and for the wishes xD

Jiyang came at 11ish in the morning. We played some Rayman till like 2pm and then Kian Guan showed up. Played wii sports till 6 and Benjamin and Kim Hong arrived. They even bought me a cake! thanks for the blueberry cake. Good stuff verily :D

Chomped down the whole cake with my friends and parents just right before dinner o_o. Ji Yang also left before dinner.We went out for dinner together and when we got back, we rested for abit, before continuing our late gaming session. They went home at 11.30pm.

Akiko then decided to drop by after midnight. It was also her sister's birthday on the 9th of June. Incidentally, all of us were born in June, including my few other cousins. What coincidence xD. Akiko and her sister left about 2am.

I continued a few games after that, accompanied by a cat sitting outside the door. Kind of freaky at night though. When I walked near it, it would run away. Then a few minutes later it comes back and stares at me again -_-

3-4ish am, watched some Cromartie High School Live Action movie and played from granado before actually retiring for the day. I am level67 now xD. Though I am unsure whether I might be continuing this game(depends whether this game is F2P or the B2P+P2P+Cash Shop model -_- which I will be boycotting D: )

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Do you see what I see?

My Wii, it has arrived xD. Costed me pain to the wallet D: . Friends are welcomed to play my wii on my bday next week :P

Friday, June 01, 2007

dum dee dumm

Wii fund COMPLETE!w00tz0r!!!oneone!one!!

might be getting a unit maybe this week.

Birthday Wii day might just come true xD