Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Updates(again)

My post in the morning seemed to have vanished in thin air ~_~


Remind me never to eat too much brocolli at night. In the morning I woke up with an upset stomach and nuked the toilet :x. Thought it's good for the colon xD

As for Granado Espada, I've reach level43 as of now. 57levels to go.... Needs moar firepower and bling items.

Finally, CARRIER HAS MOTHERFCKING ARRIVED. Starcraft2 kicked in yo'. Here is teh trailer and gameplay videos. Epic game is epic lulz.

Hell, Its about time XD

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Granado Espada

Granado Espada Pre-OBT opens tomorrow. Are you ready for it?

Granado Espada is an MMO from Korea. I know I told myself that I won't be grinding on an MMO, but I played this game(closed beta) and actually liked it.

As opposed to other MMOs, you can control 3 characters at once, something new to me. Also, you have a choice of 5 classes, Warrior,Wizard,Warlock,Musketeer and Scout. I'll be going for 2 musketeers and a scout. There's also another class, called RNPC(recruitable non playable character). RNPCs usually have more stats than your normal classes, which makes them more powerful. I'll be getting Grace Bernelli as my 2nd musketeer(she's hawt xD).

Oh, and you get to pose your characters for fun. You can buy pose books which unlocks more poses(the last book contains poses from dragon ball and street figther xD).

I might be going on a grindfest starting tomorrow, so if I dont reply your msn msgs, you know where I am :P

Here are some in-game screens for your viewing pleasure. And yes, the game comes with Bloom(you can turn it off if your want to).

visit Granado Espada Official Website for more info.

Bugatti vs Porsche vs Yamaha

Breathtaking video of a Yamaha R1 tailgating a bugatti veyron, and suddenly a porsche carrera gt tails the bugatti as well, watch the acceleration. THIS IS MADNESS, THIS IS GERMANYYYYY

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I WANT THIS NAO!!?!!?!oneeone!E

Monday, May 14, 2007

Green is the new bling...

Moving on from the old template, I've finally moved to the new blogger template system. Seems like alot less hassle now to modify the look of my blog.

Win Get?!

Friday, May 11, 2007

End of the week



-Busted my Algorithm test today.
-F*ck itchiness killing me.
-Project Management II, gotta finish it before the end of next week.
-Wii is coming soon, hopefully *crosses fingers*

Monday, May 07, 2007


RM5xx to go ~_~ anyone care to chip in some moneh? D: