Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fixing an Ipod Mini

Today Seta sent me his Ipod Mini to fix. Apparent the battery got busted and I have to replace it. This was my first time fixing an Ipod Mini, but I have confidence xD

Image Spam away(56k beware)

All teh components and equipments used(yes that BP card is essential too)

Remains of the Ipod Mini shell. The clickwheel is embedded on the shell

Interior(back). The blue thing is the battery and the bottom is the HDD. Powered By Seagate.

Here's the main problem. To seperate the PCB and the case, you need to detach this bastard pin. If this snaps, the clickwheel will not work -_-

Exposed front of the Mini.

The replacement battery .
Pull out plug, re-insert and complete.
Remains of the old battery.
Guides as to how to pry open your Ipod:

Other Mods:


hengkai said...

i want an IPod!

hao said...

Wah tuk, you so geng one ar? lol

Anonymous said...

how do I fix my cracked screen, on a mini?