Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Arrived today...

Hmmm... looked what arrived by Poslaju today? A huge box, wrapped in white paper. Oh ho ho...by Gamers.com.my. You'd guess, a big box of games maybe?

After opening the package carefully, the white paper was a poster of Battefield 2.(no pictar). Inside...hmmm, do not open before january 16? I wonder what was in this box before this.

Oh lookie, its the the Command&Conquer 3 Steelbook edition. Steelbook Case,Razer Mantis Speed mousepad, GDI keychain, GDI T-shirt,frosted bag and a poster, as well as some packed air xD

Comparison of my old Ratpadz GS vs the Mantis Speed...its XBOXHUEG!?

Inside the Steelbook, Game DVD, Bonus Disc(containing interviews and cutscenes,etc), Manual, and Hotkey List(not shown). Kane lives zomgwtfbbq, didnt we barbecue him off with the Ion Cannon 10 years ago?

He's back again, with more diabolical plans. And a newcomer too, another race known as the Scrin. I've not yet played till there yet, looking forward to it >_<

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Jade said...

January 16th release date for World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. Hehehe.