Friday, March 23, 2007

Important Announcement

To all my friends,

I have recently joined a therapy to reduce my psoriasis down to the core. During this therapy duration(4-16months), I may not be able to go for breakfast/lunch/dinner with you guys as my therapy needs a strict diet.

Under this therapy, I will have to avoid:

-tomatoes and all its by products eg: Tomato sauce, etc.
-potatoes(not including sweet potato).
-eggplants(round or oval brinjals)
-chilies of any type(boo... D:<)
-Bitter Gourd(yay, dont need to be forced to eat this)
-Strawberries and citrus fruits excluding lemon.
-chicken(kampung chicken still can)
-no cooling herbs and fruits like watermelon,barley,yogurt,coconut,cucumber
-avoid seafood if possible. Fish can be taken except sardine and mackerel
-nuts(almond excluded)
-High preserative foods are a no no like pizza, sausages, noodles and can food.
- Avoid too much sugar

So, if possible, please remind me to avoid such foods.

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