Thursday, February 15, 2007


Havent been blogging for the past few weeks...Lotsa stuff has happened in the first two months of 2007.

1. As for those of you who know me will know my medical condition, things seem to have been worsening. Itchiness when its hot(never had it last year). Sigh, this has deprived me of going out, walking under the sun, doing any handy-work. I have to literally sit under air-conditioned places now. With global warming, I don't think I will last much longer -_-

2. Ooity came back early this year, and he left for Melbourne day before yesterday to resume studies. It was fun, for the past month(lol, driving to his house off and on, my parents complained why I finished up the fuel so fast).

3. More people leaving the country for studies. Most of them like Ji Yang, Li Tsan, Kian Guan will be overseas. So technically I'm one of those people stuck in Malaysia.

4. Valentines Day. Nope, didn't do anything.

5. Chinese New Year is in 3 days. CNY not really there anymore. Probably because we're growing up, these things tend to become duller by the year. Too bad we can't go back to our young and ignorant days. Shopping malls, not many are decorated. New Year songs were rarely played, unlike a few years back. I'm still looking forward to see my cousins again. Collecting Ang Pow(red packets) = main priority, although I start to feel quite 'paiseh'. Its all for the Wii. *ahem*

6. Lately, been sitting at home. There are things to be done, but I dont feel like doing it. Slowly turning into an otaku/hikikomori. Ahh....I miss school days for some reason >_>

7. Selling off my ATI Radeon 9600xt. It has served me for 3 years, and its time for a change. Going for an Nvidia Geforce 7300GT which is probably 3~5 times more powerful than my current.

8. Still have a report and another re-vamped website for Sunway Lagoon. Due date is on the 4th Day of CNY(22/02/07). *hint: S.H.E is coming to Malaysia*

9. Went to Jogoya @ Starhill,KL. Uber high end place. Dinner buffet priced at RM88.00++ per person and must be paid when entering. They serve good stuff. Huge oysters and lotsa seafoods(king crab,salmon,tuna,prawns,etc,). Jumbled down lots of stuff in 2hours(they had a time limit per table).Movenpick ice cream for dessert FTW.


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