Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today could be described as disappointed, fun and heartaches.

Tech Yann, Ji Yang and I had planned to go down to Digital Mall, PJ to go for some shopping. They had this massive discounts for today's so called Grand Opening. When we reach there about 10.30am, the place was crowded and you had to line up all the way to the back of the building to get in. Imagine waiting outside on this tropical weather AND just to buy RM1 items. Just for RM1, but you burn time. I can imagine people have been queuing in the wee hours of the morning.

Disappointed, we then headed to Sunway Pyramid since Tech Yann wanted to buy some stuff. We randomly popped into Toy City and Tech Yann bought another yoyo. We then headed to Giant to search for marshmallows, but turned out blank. Instead we picked up 2 6packs of shandy. We went round and round and I bought a 50-dvd+r pack.

Later on they went to my house, watched some animes, pop shandies and then later on Tech Yann played some nfs:carbon. He got high from shandy(drink and drive, literally). He played like till 7pm and then I fetched him home.

I went out for dinner and later on TT'ed at McD SS15. By god, I HATE THEM MCD. the exit cracked my bumper lips(FREAKING MOFO STEEP DOWN), and this time it is really going to break unless i reinforce it again. Rain and cold weather made it really chilly. Out of the 10 people who were supposed to come, only 4 of us actually went. We just chit chatted and then Zeist wanted to take pictures. We headed to Shell just behind McD and parked our cars in a line for a photoshoot. I'll post the pictures later when I get my hands of them. We left at midnight and went our seperate ways...

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