Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas '07

Christmas comes every year, and so it has come this year as well. I celebrated my Christmas this year at Ooity's house. Me, Ooity and Ji Yang went down to Subang Parade at noon to shop with supplies. We took an hour or more suggesting what to buy, and laughing at everything we saw. Ooity kept going "THIS IS CANCEROUS" at every product he sees.

After that we headed back home to pick up my Wii and Ji Yang's laptop that he had left before we set out. I drove myself down as I had to pick up Hisham. At about 4, I reached Ooity's house, and they had already started cooking some finger foods.

Later on, we went to the room to play some Wii, Sapphira arrived shortly after. We played the Wii together and after 2hours-ish she had to go. It was short but nice meeting you again after so long :D

Anyway,since pictures are worth a thousand words, let them do the talking instead (lazy me :x )

Subang Parade Deco

Mr Snowman~

See that chair? It's where Santa sits.

When we got back, Ooity decided to show his 1337 cooking skillz

Wii-ing in Ooity's room, madman lurking from the back lulz

Dog gets stuck behind the door

Radioactive drink, soda + flavouring + livita

A stoned Hisham.

And he passed out from a drink later on.

Häagen-Dazs® strawberry flavoured. It was so hard it bent a few spoons.

The food we had. 2 large pizzas, and one small Kaya Banana dessert.

Can you believe this is not meat? We didn't check the price beforehand, ended up paying rm30 x 2 for those lookalikes D:

3 easy steps to get high and stoned. Mix bbq sauce and hot mustard; stir; swallow.

When you see it, you will shit bricks.

A stoned Ooity.

I left quite early as Hisham had work the following day. I really missed those days that I was in high school. Parties were large as most of my schoolmates would always come. Now everyone has their own agenda, probably celebrating it elsewhere; many are abroad as well. But no matter, we grow and move on. With that said, its only less than a week to the year of the rat. I wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year! Hope to see you guys more often soon~

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Breakfast :3

Char Siew Pau and Tong Po Yuk Mantau. The Tong Po Yuk Mantau is a miniaturized version of the ones you'd normally eat in restaurant. It has the same taste too, very nice :D .

You can find these at Restaurant Unlimited in ss14(beside Wong Soon Kee kopitiam)


Couldn't be bothered to update my blog frequently, but anyway here is an update lol.

My phone died on me this week. Mom decided to be generous and replaced my phone. I got a new Sony Ericsson K810i :3 . That will mean that I may be photo-blogging more often now :P

FOOD! Yesterday was a chinese festival, and with every festival there would always be tons of food to eat. Also, Tong Yuen was served. I kneaded the dough until my hand became sore cause it was cold from the fridge, and hard. My aunt from Singapore came back, and she did the cooking instead of my grandmother.

Have you guys tried Red Bean Bread(not bun) before? Recently, this has become my favourite snack. Costing RM5.80, you may think that its no exactly cheap, but it does indeed weigh alot(500g maybe?). You can find this bread at RT Pastry House in SS15(beside Public Bank).

looks like any ordinary loaf of bread


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Granado Espada becomes free!? The ironies...

Yesterday my faction member, Bandeau had notified us that there was going to be an announcement that "GE WILL NOT BE THE SAME AFTER TODAY". Truth to be told, I didn't know what to expect. Rumors were spreading all over, and into the faction. And then it came,"GRANADO ESPADA GOES FREE". Hardly 3 months that they announced that they went P2P, they changed it back to F2P due to "IMC's global direction for GE where the servers are maintained as F2P". I knew it was coming as Korean and Japanese version of GE were free, but it seems that i have deliberately wasted my money on the Limited Edition Box which cost me RM185.

The irony now lies in the article they published 3 months ago being a P2P game.

"A free to play system creates a significantly larger base of players who do not invest anything in the game other than time. Some of these players will not care about following rules of conduct or fair play. If they receive a warning or ban, they can instantly create another account for free and re-enter the game."
Right, so now we're going F2P, and we will have even more freeloaders than what we have now.

"An extremely large player base can also lead to server crowding, without providing adequate revenue for IAHGames to install and run new servers. It is our goal to maintain an optimal volume of players on all worlds, and to open new worlds as necessary. A free to play system would hamper our ability to do so."
It is obvious that servers will now be even more crowded. So, whose gonna pay for your new servers?

"Along with server crowding, Customer Service and support lines would be stretched to accommodate the large player base, once again without providing the necessary revenue that allows IAHGames to expand the CS staff to meet the number of needs and requests of our gamers. We do not think it is fair if customer service experiences a queue of some 99 requests, and a paying customer, one who supports the service, is stuck 99 slots behind players who is not paying for the service."
Your customer service did nothing and we paid for it.It just isn't adequate, and now all the ex-P2P players are also stuck with the 99slots of players who did not pay for the game.

"The accessibility of a free to play system also opens the doors for gold farmers, scammers, and others who wish to manipulate Granado Espada’s in-game world to meet self-serving desires other than entertaining game play."
As if it isn't bad enough now, the economy of Granado Espada will be ruined so badly it will NOT be recoverable. Some say having plague of bots will make items cheaper in the long run. However, the effect was actually opposite, as bots farmed the items, they keep it for themselves, and sell it at a high price because they can control the monopoly of these items.

"We feel that players who invest both their time and money in Granado Espada will be more likely to show love for the game, their fellow gamers and the Granado Espada community as a whole. These are the kind of gamers we cherish at IAHGames, and the type of customer we consider first when providing our services."
I can only say I feel cheated at this point.

Now IAHgames wants to remedy this problem by "rewarding" P2P users with cash items.

"5 x Enhancement Tranquilizers
5 x Enhancement Boosters
5 x Soul Crystals
5 x Hrin’s potions
1 x Combat Manual Expert (30 days)
1 x Tactics Manual (15 days)
1 x Forgotten Territory Pass"
They also intend to convert all the gameplay time that users have reloaded into with a ratio of 1day:30gpts. I have 200 days left, so that gives me 6000gpts. 6000gpts is like RM20. I spent like RM180 for the LE box, and at least another RM100 on gpts top up. How does 6000gpts and the reward package look like a fair compensation?

At the moment, I can only say that there will be alot of changes from now on. No doubt I'll continue playing Granado Espada, I would NEVER play another online game from IAHgames. Sorry IAHgames, your business ethics suck.


Granado Espada goes P2P!
Granado Espada goes F2P!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

[Preview] Guitar Hero 3

A friend of mine wanted to come over to try out some new games I had for Wii, and he brought along Guitar Hero 3. Sadly he could not stay over as it was late, so instead I lent him the games and he borrowed me his GH3. This game costs rm360, which includes the guitar. I haven't got time to actually play the game, so here are some pictures of the unit. As you can see its a shape of a Les Paul guitar. The guitar controller felt solid on first touch(which explains why it costs so much). They could have kept the price down though, as it still requires a Wiimote to be attached on the guitar.

This is Ji Yang playing GH3. Serious Guitarist at work!

This is OoiTY playing GH3. Lazy man style~

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Water cut...

There's been a water cut this morning and it pisses me off. Water supply hasn't been restored and I am not able to take a bath -_- *angry* >:E

Funny picture - Who maked my water go hard?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

work work work

Its mid term break now for me. Though I have tons of assignments to do, I don't really feel like doing them -_-

I finished the easiest one(english) and now I have another 4 more to go...

*tick tock tick tock time is running*

Monday, October 08, 2007

Extortionist at work?

***Warning : Rant Post Ahead***

Noon, I was having lunch. Suddenly, a power cut happened. This power cut had affected the whole neighborhood. Fine, to pass time I dug up some old comics and read them. Then I dozed off a little. Almost 2 hours had gone by...

Suddenly, my maid knocked on the door. Apparently, it was them T*B people. He passed me a red letter and told me it was a friendly reminder that I did not pay the electricity bill. He asked to let him in to check the meter. I let him in and he proceeded checking the meter. He checked and wrote something. He then asked me, "Bila nak bayar?(When do you want to pay?)". Being a blur person, I told him, "Besok (tomorrow)". He then muttered something about where to pay and there being another power cut if I don't pay. He then left for another house in my neighborhood.

I called up my parents. They said that the bill was already paid sometime ago. So much for efficiency there. Though I am not surprised, but there was also a power cut sometime last week during the night. Also, power tripped again just a while ago.

Isn't this like indirect extortion? They cut your power, torture you without electricity for a few hours, then send a random guy to your house and asks you when do you want to pay?

T*B, you should really buck up. Too bad the laws here are pretty loose, or else you might be in hot soup now if the neighborhood had complained about your efficiency at handling this.

UPDATE: The red letter was supposed to be sent a WEEK ago. Only one week later, they decided to send the letter directly. Shame on you T*B.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Lately I have nothing to post about, feeling down as many friends have gone to study overseas. Also, bajillions of assignments to hand-in by the end of the month.... *sigh*

Sunday, September 16, 2007

GE Event @ Cineleisure Damansara

Ji Yang and I traveled to Cineleisure last Friday to attend the event( and to get the divine angel wings :cool: ). We arrived about 12.50pm and we didn't know where to find the event. *Pictures taken using Ji Yang's SE K750i.*

Fortunately, I saw a statue of something resembling a monster boss in GE.

ZOMG, it was the Phibotan General! Prepare your rifles and swords!


Anyway, it was held at the concourse area of the place.

There were booths from MOL,UOB Bank, TmNet,Asus and Seagate(?).

*Otaku A beside Ji Yang*

MOL Booth, with the hueg TV showing commercials of GE.

Outside, there was a vehicle, laced with tons of GE Vinyls, and also a Hill Giant.

*Hill Giant looks over the event*

The schedule for the event was put outside as well.

Oh, and the laptops they used for the GE Event.

*RM6988 for C2D 2.2ghz,2gb ram, Nvidia 8600m GT and 160gb hdd*

Unfortunately I couldn't make it on Saturday, I heard Community Manager Hrin attended the event as well. My thoughts about the event, mainly about those people promoting CREDIT CARDS to students. My first thought was, "Hey, I'm too young for this. I dont even have a fixed income". I was too afraid to take up on the offer that I even rejected their RM5 voucher(for MOLpoints) that is redeemable on the spot *_* . There wasn't much to see on Friday, but my faction mates told me Saturday was more packed instead. Also, the laptop made me drool badly. Its so much more portable, and faster than my current computer. The laptop was fully carbon-fibre lookalike skinned, that event the touchpad has CF looks. But all teh blings come with hefty price x_x .

Ji Yang and I only stayed to collect the Divine Angel Wings, as I had class at 2.30pm. Funny thing was we went so early, but the collection counter only opened at 2.00pm. I had to rush back to Subang to attend my classes. I was slightly late, but I made it. Hell alot of traffic on the way home, couldn't speed up to catch up with time.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Movie Review: Rogue Assassin

Rogue Assassin was a pretty interesting show to watch. Starring my two favorite actors, Jet Li( Wong Fei Hung series) and Jason Statham (The Transporter), this was a sure watch for me.

The movie is basically about Jack Crawford(Jason) trying to investigate his friend's murder, Tom Lone. Tom was murdered by an assassin they called the Rogue, which was suppose to be a mythical person. The story then later sets off 3 years after Tom's death, and Jack finally found that Rogue was working for the Triads.

This story has so many plot twists(hint : * Double Agent) that it made the show very interesting. Music was done by Brian Tyler( did the FnF: Tokyo Drift). The car chase scene was very Tokyo Drift-esque; revving engines and gear shifts( and some drifts too). Also, there were easter eggs, especially the pistol that they used in this show. Rogue's pistol seems to be able to shoot silently without a silencer attachment, and sometimes it goes with a loud bang. This seems to apply to every guns Rogue used, even the enemies.

All in all, I think one should give show a watch. I give it an 8 out 10 rating.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Granado Espada = SPARTAAAAA!?

During the last colony war in Granado Espada, it was like a scene out of 300. There were 16factions who declared on my faction. Thats makes it 16 versus 1 faction. This was due that we had the most territories in game(8 out of 21). Imagine if an average of 50 families per faction, there would be 800 families against us, which we only had a mere 60ish families online.

Immediately at the start of the war at 8pm. Declaration of War had been thrown to us, and we had to start defending. We started losing colonies, one by one. And by 9pm, we had been cut down to 3 colonies. Suddenly, the opposing factions started declaring war on each other. Each faction was hoping to get a shot at the colony.

It was a good time to strike back. Our allies aided us to take back our colonies. We slowly pushed back all the opposing factions and managed to regain 3 colonies. We mustered all the families in hopes to take one more colony back, but it was too late. The war had already ended. It was not a bad loss, as the other 2 colonies had been taken over by one of our allies, which isn't too bad.

(*P/S: I dont have actual screenshots for the war. It was way too laggy to capture any in the first place >_> . Screenshot provided by faction member, Chaosic)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Guess what arrived in the mailbox today...

...Two boxes of Granado Espada Limited Edition Boxset :3 . Will update more later xD

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bishslapping has never been so fun

No, its not about me slapping someone silly. Its a flash based game, called Rose and Camellia. Basically all you have to do it to slap the person and evade her attacks. Simple right? Addicting too o.o
Game Link : Nigoro

Thursday, July 12, 2007

E3 Nintendo Keynotes = Orgasmic.

Billions of accessories and games released for the Wii. The epicness of Nintendo is now incomprehensible. Let me start of with a few things that grabbed my attention.

1. Wii Fit

Yes you heard me right. Wii FIT. Its a new game and a new periphiral. You don't normally associate fitness with a game console, but now you can. Wii Training with Wii Sports wasn't enough, now comes another. Wii Fit utilizes a Sensor plate which goes on the floor alongside with a wiimote. You can do Yoga and exercises and stuff like that. Basically like a personal trainer or something, except electronically. Here is a preview of Wii Fit:-

2. Wii Blaster and Resident Evil : Umbrella Chronicles

Finally a decent FPS game arcade style. This game is similar to Time Crisis or Virtual Cop that you play at your local arcade. You dont need to purchase a Guncon type of equipment, just a shell to house the wiimote and nunchuck. Now with the Wii and the attachment you can play it in a similar way. Oh god, do I want it? Oh hell yes please.

There also others, namely like Guitar Hero III and Mario Karts 2008. But the above two gets my vote. Watch for it soon, as I might be getting them xD

Also, obligatory IT PRINTS MONEY meme.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Apparently I am...

54% addicted to blogging.

54%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Weekly Updates

More silly updates for this week.

- Reached level 88 in Granado Espada. Getting tougher now that i am in dire need of teh in game monies, and also lack of proper weaponary. However, I do have good armors(musketeer wearing Dragoon Coat, Grace Bernelli donned in a Corsair Rosso and Scout with a Rescue Suit).

- I finally sent my car in for a full service. Cleaned the air filter, changed oil, oil filters, etc. Also, replaced my outstanding engine mountings. All 4 of them were broken. Ahh, imagine driving with your engine floating about in the bay. Not a very nice feeling. Workshop had a few new mechanics that i've not seen before, but they seem to be doing a good job anyway. All that power has been restored and the car feels light again :P

- Went for dinner with parents. The usual shop that we go to in PJS seems to have closed down. May need to go there again next week to reconfirm. Maybe its just the 07/07/07 fad that the boss decided to slack on that day or something :P . Ended up having dinner at country kitchen at PJ State. Their ginger-laden dishes, very very spicy. I wonder how old are the gingers that they use xO

- Exam is next week. First in line is PHP on the 10th, Project Management II @ 12th and finally Advanced Algorithms on the 16th. After that its a month long of holidays xD

Monday, July 02, 2007


Procrastination, a terrible thing indeed. It is probably the biggest problem I have now. Thanks to me having the "tak-apa" attitude, I've almost/probably failed one of my assignments. Definitely not something I can do for my final year project. If this keeps up, I'll end up dead ~_~

I need to change before this plague gets worse. Need to remind myself that there is no longer room to slack, and everything must be completed in advance.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Updates...

Crazy month this is. I had tons of presentations and tons of assignments to hand in this month. Next month is already examinations so yeah @_@

Heng Kai and Tech Yann came back to Malaysia this month as well. I went over to hk's house last friday along with seta and ooity. We played the wii on his hueg 42" LCD. Awesome experience really :P. Had dinner at 9pm @ Pizza Uno Taipan. All of us had fettuccine cabonara. Tasted really good. ooity had ordered a side dish as well(something hummus, basically egg with some spices and olive oil and is eaten with toasted bread). After that they came over to my place. But hk and seta had to leave because they had something to do. Ooity stayed over and we proceeded to play the Wii.

We played Elebits at the start. Elebits is like a reverse katamari, instead of rolling items up, you actually shoot elebits(the creature) to power up electricity and complete objectives. Later on, we played Trauma Center : Second Opinion. Excellent game I must say. Playing a role of a surgeon in your living room, definitely wont find this anywhere else xD. We played this till 3ish am. We could have continued on till the next morning but decided not to. The following day we resumed trauma center and almost finished the game. The Ending arc missions were VERY tough D: . Needs someone with the real Healing Touch :P

Sunday. Lack of energy due to power overwhelmed on friday/saturday >_< . Eat sleep eat sleep D: . Not a very good practice. Still have to finish up PHP which is my last assignment. I have to create an ATOM feed and use php as the back end to update it. *snore snore*

Sunday, June 10, 2007

post birthday log

What a day it was for me, to be celebrating my birthday with a wii. Thanks again to everyone for coming and for the wishes xD

Jiyang came at 11ish in the morning. We played some Rayman till like 2pm and then Kian Guan showed up. Played wii sports till 6 and Benjamin and Kim Hong arrived. They even bought me a cake! thanks for the blueberry cake. Good stuff verily :D

Chomped down the whole cake with my friends and parents just right before dinner o_o. Ji Yang also left before dinner.We went out for dinner together and when we got back, we rested for abit, before continuing our late gaming session. They went home at 11.30pm.

Akiko then decided to drop by after midnight. It was also her sister's birthday on the 9th of June. Incidentally, all of us were born in June, including my few other cousins. What coincidence xD. Akiko and her sister left about 2am.

I continued a few games after that, accompanied by a cat sitting outside the door. Kind of freaky at night though. When I walked near it, it would run away. Then a few minutes later it comes back and stares at me again -_-

3-4ish am, watched some Cromartie High School Live Action movie and played from granado before actually retiring for the day. I am level67 now xD. Though I am unsure whether I might be continuing this game(depends whether this game is F2P or the B2P+P2P+Cash Shop model -_- which I will be boycotting D: )

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Do you see what I see?

My Wii, it has arrived xD. Costed me pain to the wallet D: . Friends are welcomed to play my wii on my bday next week :P