Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wiikend Update

Hey people...sorry for not updating my BLOG for like AGES or something =\

My course has ended, and exams will begin on the 5th December till the 14th. I'm doing alright now, sorry for causing unnecessary . Argh, cant wait for the exams to finish and then I shall lepak with you guys again

On the side note, I really really want a Nintendo Wii. Will Santa deliver on Christmas? Or will I win a Myvi(BP contest) and then proceed to buy a Wii? money money....

Wii = Social Fun = Serious pwning each other with the wiimotes = happy & hyper. Sadly importers that brought in the Wii are charging premium for it.. Rm1700 and above at least(250USD is supposed to be less than RM1k)

250usd + 3wiimote + 3 nunchuck + games = RM3xxx yo'. If someone is listening to my prayers, please grant me this wish :(

Would to play?

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