Friday, December 29, 2006

[Review] Dim Sum @ Celestial Court, Imperial Sheraton KL

During Christmas, my parents wanted something special to eat. My dad recommended that we try this restaurant that serves Dim Sum. We headed down to KL to Imperial Sheraton, which was located at Jalan Sultan Ismail. We were fortunate to find a parking just outside the hotel, and it was free too as it was a public holiday. The Celestial Court is located at the 3rd Floor of the hotel.

Contrary to normal Dim Sum stores or restaurants that serve Dim Sum, instead of trolley steamers, you'd have to actually order from the menu. They'll then prepare it, so it was better, since they're made to order.

Ambient Lighting gives the environment a cozy feel.

Your standard weapons to attack the food. Includes a huge cup of tea to flush down your meal.

Enough with the environment. Here comes the food(pictures) we ordered.

Chicken Congee, Eye of Phoenix(Scallop dumpling), Prawn Dumplings, Siew Mai Dumplings, Fish Ball, Wantan in Soup, Barbecued Pork Chicken Bun. The food here is excellent, everything was fresh and had a better taste compared to others. The BBQ'd Chicken Bun was the best, it had the exact texture of your normal BBQ'd Pork Bun(Char Siew Pau), except it is chicken. The Wantan in soup was also great. The soup was thick and tasteful while the wantan had a smooth skin on it where you can just slurp it in your mouth(of course you need to chew before swallowing first!).

The bill totaled up RM115 including gov. tax and service charge. Each dish averaged about RM13. Tea per pax was about RM5.

All in all, this place is a worthy place to visit. Despite the price, it was actually very filling. A must try for those of you who haven't. And also, The Celestial Court is HALAL. They serve Dim Sum from 10.00am - 2.30pm.

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