Friday, December 22, 2006

Nintendo Wii Updates for Malaysia

I hear Nintendo Wii is coming to Malaysia next year. Joys to official release. Apparently one of the GameAxis staff has *leaked* some information pertaining the console.

1. The Malaysian Wii will be the US version with 220v adapter

2. Official Malaysian Wii games will be English (US) games, similar to the DS games

3. It is likely to be sold in a bundle with two additional items. One of the item is a game, but it's not gonna be Wii Sports.

4. Price? Well, let's just say its gonna be VERY attractive. Way, way lower than RM2000.

5. It's expected that there's gonna be more than enough of units available for Malaysia.

That's some good news to us locals. However, the main issue that remains is the price.

"For SG, the taxes imposed is only about 5%. for MY, its 21%. of course, this only applies for official units. You'll probably get cheaper with parallel imports for obvious reasons."

So, Nintendo Wii US Price + 21% tax + Profit % = RM1xxx. Only time will tell how much will it cost. I'm not holding my breath though. At one point next year, when there are sufficient consoles to meet the demands, the prices will fall.

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Veto said...

I will definately try to get a review unit on this baby!

weeee~ :P