Saturday, December 16, 2006

From the workshop...

Yup, my car was still leaking engine oil.

Went to my usual mechanic to check out what going on. On inspection, he told me the metal gasket may be worn and needed replacement. It would cost rm300-rm400 just for a single sheet of 1mm metal gasket o_o. My mech suggested that he try tightening the head just in case if it was loose.

He then took out the head cover, wiped it clean, and then proceeded to use to a tool that measures the amount of pressure required to tighten the head. It seems that if the head screws were not tightened on equally, it may cause other problems. He told me it takes about 95pounds of pressure to secure the screws in place. O_o

Once, all 8 screws were tighten, he reapplied gasket sealant and then put back the head cover. He proceeded to screw the screws in...until something happen.


My mech went omfgwtfbbq. I had the same reaction. At first I thought the screw may have snapped. But then, he told me the head cover cracked instead. I was like, is that even possible, since the head cover is essentially made of metal. He had never seen or even managed to crack the head cover before.

He then scoured the shelf to find a replacement cover. He found one and then proceeded to replace the existing cover. Albeit dirty, but it did the trick. He then sent the car to wash of the engine oil.

He came back later and told me to keep an eye on the engine just in case if it leaks again. If it does....rm300-rm400 will be flying again >.>

I still have a few things unsorted for my car.
- Wet Floorboard
- Broken Fog light
- Torn seat cover
- Replacement of interior
- Repair the dent on the side >.>

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