Friday, December 29, 2006

[Review] Dim Sum @ Celestial Court, Imperial Sheraton KL

During Christmas, my parents wanted something special to eat. My dad recommended that we try this restaurant that serves Dim Sum. We headed down to KL to Imperial Sheraton, which was located at Jalan Sultan Ismail. We were fortunate to find a parking just outside the hotel, and it was free too as it was a public holiday. The Celestial Court is located at the 3rd Floor of the hotel.

Contrary to normal Dim Sum stores or restaurants that serve Dim Sum, instead of trolley steamers, you'd have to actually order from the menu. They'll then prepare it, so it was better, since they're made to order.

Ambient Lighting gives the environment a cozy feel.

Your standard weapons to attack the food. Includes a huge cup of tea to flush down your meal.

Enough with the environment. Here comes the food(pictures) we ordered.

Chicken Congee, Eye of Phoenix(Scallop dumpling), Prawn Dumplings, Siew Mai Dumplings, Fish Ball, Wantan in Soup, Barbecued Pork Chicken Bun. The food here is excellent, everything was fresh and had a better taste compared to others. The BBQ'd Chicken Bun was the best, it had the exact texture of your normal BBQ'd Pork Bun(Char Siew Pau), except it is chicken. The Wantan in soup was also great. The soup was thick and tasteful while the wantan had a smooth skin on it where you can just slurp it in your mouth(of course you need to chew before swallowing first!).

The bill totaled up RM115 including gov. tax and service charge. Each dish averaged about RM13. Tea per pax was about RM5.

All in all, this place is a worthy place to visit. Despite the price, it was actually very filling. A must try for those of you who haven't. And also, The Celestial Court is HALAL. They serve Dim Sum from 10.00am - 2.30pm.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Nintendo Wii Updates for Malaysia

I hear Nintendo Wii is coming to Malaysia next year. Joys to official release. Apparently one of the GameAxis staff has *leaked* some information pertaining the console.

1. The Malaysian Wii will be the US version with 220v adapter

2. Official Malaysian Wii games will be English (US) games, similar to the DS games

3. It is likely to be sold in a bundle with two additional items. One of the item is a game, but it's not gonna be Wii Sports.

4. Price? Well, let's just say its gonna be VERY attractive. Way, way lower than RM2000.

5. It's expected that there's gonna be more than enough of units available for Malaysia.

That's some good news to us locals. However, the main issue that remains is the price.

"For SG, the taxes imposed is only about 5%. for MY, its 21%. of course, this only applies for official units. You'll probably get cheaper with parallel imports for obvious reasons."

So, Nintendo Wii US Price + 21% tax + Profit % = RM1xxx. Only time will tell how much will it cost. I'm not holding my breath though. At one point next year, when there are sufficient consoles to meet the demands, the prices will fall.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

From the workshop...

Yup, my car was still leaking engine oil.

Went to my usual mechanic to check out what going on. On inspection, he told me the metal gasket may be worn and needed replacement. It would cost rm300-rm400 just for a single sheet of 1mm metal gasket o_o. My mech suggested that he try tightening the head just in case if it was loose.

He then took out the head cover, wiped it clean, and then proceeded to use to a tool that measures the amount of pressure required to tighten the head. It seems that if the head screws were not tightened on equally, it may cause other problems. He told me it takes about 95pounds of pressure to secure the screws in place. O_o

Once, all 8 screws were tighten, he reapplied gasket sealant and then put back the head cover. He proceeded to screw the screws in...until something happen.


My mech went omfgwtfbbq. I had the same reaction. At first I thought the screw may have snapped. But then, he told me the head cover cracked instead. I was like, is that even possible, since the head cover is essentially made of metal. He had never seen or even managed to crack the head cover before.

He then scoured the shelf to find a replacement cover. He found one and then proceeded to replace the existing cover. Albeit dirty, but it did the trick. He then sent the car to wash of the engine oil.

He came back later and told me to keep an eye on the engine just in case if it leaks again. If it does....rm300-rm400 will be flying again >.>

I still have a few things unsorted for my car.
- Wet Floorboard
- Broken Fog light
- Torn seat cover
- Replacement of interior
- Repair the dent on the side >.>

Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's over

yep, exams are finally over. Cheer up Li Tsan, we're gonna partyyyyyy. HOOOOO~

Gonna meet up with with the eX-Alpharians by next week I guess.

(Oh man, whats with all the one-liners >_>)

Anyways, adding new stuff to my car. This time is a lightened crank pulley. Supposely it improves torque and horsepower and well as *reducing* fuel consumption(stock pulley = 2kg, lightened pulley = 800g). But hey, more HP/Torque = more fuel consumption right? rofl.

original pulley = over 2kg.

lightened pulley = +-800g.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Screen Fix

Recently, marks of stuck pixels have been showing up at the edge of the screen. It's so noticeable its not even funny. I asked a friend whether I am entitled to send it for warranty, but he answered;

..."No, the warranty does not cover stuck pixels".

I felt doomed, as the stuck pixels can be annoying when I have a light wallpaper. He then replied that there is a software which claims to be about 50% success rate.

Enter .

JScreenFix is a Java Applet that changes pixel colors rapidly(about 60Hz). I left it overnight, and my, it did work. There are still stuck pixels there, but its alot lighter now.(Click image to enlarge)

As you can see, there are noticeable streaks of stuck pixels.

JScreenFix did help alot. There are still streaks of unstuck pixels, but they are not noticeable unless you stare at the screen closely.

I am going to leave the applet on for another few hours, and see if it is possible to remove all the stuck pixels

Seems like there is minimal stuck pixels now. I cant provide a better close up(camera not able to focus).

Safe to say, this program actually works. For those of you having stuck pixels, you can try out JScreenFix.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Post Round 2...

Multimedia: KO.

scored 55/75 for my assignment, that leaves 25marks for my I just need to pass to get a B.

The brutal subjects are coming in next week from the 12th to the 14th. Maths 4, Pc Technical Support and Oracle...

p/s: still needing that nintendo wii yo' :(

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tomorow : Multimedia Exam

Round 2 : Multimedia

gonna punch it and scoreeee....grrrr...just a few more exams to go.....I didnt win the Myvi and probably may not win the nintendo wii from gizmodo either :(

Monday, December 04, 2006

Update Update Update

Only less than a day to go, my first exam will start...GUI for Java. Its an Open Book test, which means I'm free to use whatever materials that I bring into the exam room, with exception I cannot talk to my coursemates(duh!). Sounds simple right? But knowing this lecturer, its going to be FCKING HARD(mind my language).

And I'm just too bloody lazy to study, any ideas on how to motivate me?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wiikend Update

Hey people...sorry for not updating my BLOG for like AGES or something =\

My course has ended, and exams will begin on the 5th December till the 14th. I'm doing alright now, sorry for causing unnecessary . Argh, cant wait for the exams to finish and then I shall lepak with you guys again

On the side note, I really really want a Nintendo Wii. Will Santa deliver on Christmas? Or will I win a Myvi(BP contest) and then proceed to buy a Wii? money money....

Wii = Social Fun = Serious pwning each other with the wiimotes = happy & hyper. Sadly importers that brought in the Wii are charging premium for it.. Rm1700 and above at least(250USD is supposed to be less than RM1k)

250usd + 3wiimote + 3 nunchuck + games = RM3xxx yo'. If someone is listening to my prayers, please grant me this wish :(

Would to play?