Friday, November 03, 2006

little snippets of life

Today, I failed my discrete maths 2. I really did. I left 5 out of 7 question's not hard but I cant understand it(typical me @_@ ) .

anyways, Oracle, hueg or huegest?

These are my manuals for using Oracle... I'm like supposed to read those up for extra tips for exams and for my assignment troubleshoot guide.

Mind you, they aren't thin either...the manuals are only the 1st and 2nd chapter, I presume there will be more if I ever encounter this subject during my bachelors' degree. Comes with a 2-in-1 pen + highlighter. Nifty stuff.

Sorry for the lack of content these days, I really dont know what to throw in. Oh, and I just got myself an original game xD. Its the Need for Speed : Carbon. Costed RM79 during promotion period. I'll write up more on that tomorrow.

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