Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Bling and the not

This week has been quite a bad week for me, mainly due to rushing assignments and things breaking down @_@

For my car, the rubber gasket seal had worn off and engine mounting cracked. That alone will already cost rm220.

Next, my hard disk broke down in the middle of the night @__@. I was kinda expecting this drive to KO, but I didnt expect it so soon. I lost a few gigs of anime i downloaded this month.

The PSU ko'd also, I got myself a replacement. I told myself no more cap ayam psu and decided to get an Enermax PSU. I wanted to buy the coolermaster extreme at first, but it seems that it wasnt suitable for my motherboard. So I had to borrow some cash from Kian Guan to buy the psu.... Here's some bling pictures... xD

Enermax FMA 350w at its glory, i dont need 400w yet :x

All the random goodies, it even has a manual :O

Look, no wormy wires! :P

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