Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm lovin it

Mc'Ds @ Japan... Slurpzz...i want to eat the Salad Mac!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Bling and the not

This week has been quite a bad week for me, mainly due to rushing assignments and things breaking down @_@

For my car, the rubber gasket seal had worn off and engine mounting cracked. That alone will already cost rm220.

Next, my hard disk broke down in the middle of the night @__@. I was kinda expecting this drive to KO, but I didnt expect it so soon. I lost a few gigs of anime i downloaded this month.

The PSU ko'd also, I got myself a replacement. I told myself no more cap ayam psu and decided to get an Enermax PSU. I wanted to buy the coolermaster extreme at first, but it seems that it wasnt suitable for my motherboard. So I had to borrow some cash from Kian Guan to buy the psu.... Here's some bling pictures... xD

Enermax FMA 350w at its glory, i dont need 400w yet :x

All the random goodies, it even has a manual :O

Look, no wormy wires! :P

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I've been meme'd by Tsan.

K.U.A.N. C.H.I.E.N.: Kinky Untamed Adonis Needing Carnal Hugs and Intense, Erotic Necking

The above sentence is made of utter win and god. :D

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Haet Haet Haet!

Darn....I hate Sunway parking. It kept spitting out my money. I didnt bring enough small change either, luckily the guy behind me was willing to spare me some coins.

And today.... I'll have to be distributing questionaires hoping to at least get 100 responses. @__@

Later part of the day, I need to go for an Internship discussion/talk and also about my other Final Year Project after I completed my internship.

Figures.... >_<

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Indomee again...

My previous trip to Carrefour, all the Indomee original flavour were sold out!(the whole damn shelf empty!?). I resorted to buying other flavours instead, Kari Kapitan flavour and Tom Yam.

I had the Kari Kapitan flavour. It tastes somewhat like the Maggi Curry, only not that salty(and you dont have to boil with water, this is dry curry!). It came with onion flakes too which is a nice addition. But it'll never replace the original flavour..arghhh....good night! xD

p/s: To Tsan and Heng Kai, I know you want some of this :P

Upgrades for teh pc!

Hooray, after suffering from a long lack-of-hard-disk-space draught..i finally got my hands on a new 250gig hard disk. My mom wanted a wireless network in the house, so we went shopping today...Here's our loot xD

The cost:
Netgear Router - RM138
Netgear USB Network Card - RM99
Western Digital 250gb HDD - RM270