Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sabotaged or Half-assed job?

A few days ago, i noticed there were engine oil leaks coming from my engine and onto the floor. I set an appointment with my mech and headed to his place today.

First thing he saw when he popped up the bonnet, he was like "woah, massive spills". I was like "omg, will that cost alot? x_x". He proceeded to plug out the sensors and unscrewed the engine head cover. He asked me whether the engine was tampered before. I was thinking,"tampered? why?". Then to my surprise, ALL of the screws on the engine head cover were loose.


To make things worse, when he flipped the engine cover, he asked me again,"Gasket sealant very expensive issit?". I blur blur reply,"issit?". He told me there wasnt any gasket sealant present, hence suspected leaking due to two of the reasons above.


He took out a bottle of gasket sealent." This is how you APPLY gasket sealant" and he repeatedly spreaded the sealant. His friend helped him to dry the engine cover and then added back the rubber gasket with added sealant.

Luckily the repair costed peanuts.

Then he fired up my car. His friend noticed something in my muffler. I was like wtf?? something in my muffler!?. Darn, seems the hatred for big muffler has come to me >_>. Will probably be changing to an s-flow muffler soon.

On the side note, the weather was funny today. It rained for like 2 minutes, stopped and rained again. Rinse,wash,repeat. The other mechs doing up an EG6 was like *toot* *toot*

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