Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Wishlist

1.HKS/Matspeed High Cam 272 Degree or R3 Stage 2 High Cam + Adj. Campulleys from R3/Arospeed

2.DRacing Stg1 Turbo Kit or VoltzHybrid Stg2 Superchargerkit or GSR 1.8 Turbo engine

3.sGTI Dashboard and Gear Console

4.15" Advan Neova Tyres

5.Racecraft Exhaust

6.Titan/Tein/HWL Adj. absorber kit

7.A Decent HU that plays cd/mp3

Sadly thats alot of money to burn on which I cant afford at the time being. Anyone can buy meh those items? :(

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